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Throughout history, there are many encounters of numerous pasty white people trying to dominate the earth. By far the number one pasty white person is Captain Kangaroo. Now a days, Michael Jackson is the front runner to being the next best pasty white person of all time. The disease actually causes a person to be sensitive to the sun, of course, this is not to be confused with albino people. The actual reason why these people fear the sun is because they are from the planet Krypton, but from an opposite demension, so they hate the sun. In fact darkness gives them super powers beyond the imagination. Here are a few examples of super powered pasty white people:

You cannot kill these people, because universal law says that 'if you kill it, they will come back'. Other than that, the only true way to kill these people is if you go in that doorway into John Malkovich mind, and then you finally get hurled back to the Jersey Turnpike. Go and look for the rock on your right, perfrom a sacrifice to Marlon Brando, and the book will appear in the rusty car down the small hill. A small midget will give it to you, watch out, he's a hobo.