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Pat running for President of the Confederate States in 2000 which he won.

Pat Buchanan (b. 1938) is a right wing political commentator and an openly admitted White Man. He has written several books on is political and religious views, as well as the English version of Mein Kampf. He is the president of the Confederate States of America. He is married to Keith Olbermann.

Political views[edit]

Buchanan believes that abortion should become illegal and that prayer should be allowed in public schools, if not made mandatory. He has called homosexuality "a decay of society and a collapse of its basic cinder block, the family." He also believes that immigration should be restricted as to allow only White men into the country. Buchanan cited the fact that there will be, "Severe Consequences, Seig Heil!" if these measures would be taken.

Ironically, with the western world becoming less white as per Buchanan's own beliefs, the only remaining white people would either be asians obsessed over white colour or persians. A shortcut to getting to this stage of the world would be to press alt-F4 now, and then go say hi to your mom who would reward you with orange sherbet.

Pat Buchanan has been on several supposed 'news' shows including Fuck You! With Pat Buchanan and Bill Press.

Daily life[edit]

He and husband wife Keith live in the city of Holyoke which is a province of the Confederate States of America. They have no children because Pat thinks kids are annoying. They have several pets, including a cat, two dogs and 12 male Negro slaves he nicknamed the "Jungle Bunnies." Buchanan spends most of his time preaching at his local church and and going to Klan meetings. He has been known to kill people if they insult his favorite beverage, Ovaltine. He is nocturnal, and sleeps in a coffin from sunrise until sundown. Besides Ovaltine, his diet consists heavily of human blood.

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