Pat Butcher

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Pat Butcher is a fat fuck. She is Queen of the Daleks and is nearly as shit as your mom. Pat Butcher has also appeared in the sci-fi documentary Eastenders.

As soon as Pat Butcher was born in 1234 she got up and ate a burger and chips. Then she drank all of her mother's Magical milk. At the age of 1 she was 60 stone and growing. By the age of 2 she had doubled in size and buy 20 she was 8, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000 stone.

Pat Butcher uses her fatty stench to kill people in order to take over their country. Her stench is so bad you, yes YOU and your mum would drop down dead at the smell of it. After killing someone she jams them up her 1000 foot wide vagina which is full of 2 mile long teeth.

Pat Butcher has become quite old as time has progressed and at the minute looks like a fat zombie. She has also come down with every disease in the universe.

On the 34th Janutober 3402 Pat Butcher exploded and was killed. Well that's what you get for eating so much you greedy fuck. She is also one of the causes of the end of the world.