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Pat can high jump 30,000 feet
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Ayatollah Osama Patrick Swayze "Monkey-Butt" Robertson Khomini (b. Hitler Era), also known as God Jr., is the baddest motherfucker who ever lived. He is further an enthusiastic bigot, the late Chief Justice of the United States, a well-known televangelist. He is even a suspected Communist named Reverend Loveshade who hosted the extraordinarily popular "That 700 Club" on the technically nonexistent Christian Broadcasting Network. He was also the owner of a mine in an undisclosed location in Western Africa that employed child-slave laborers, furthering his place as a world-class douchebag. He was often called "The Teflon Priest" because he can say terrible things, such as condemning liberals for causing the attacks of September 11th, without any repercussions whatsoever. He has also been called the "Sodomiser of the South", the "Pedophile Priest Prime", and "Satanic Sucker of Spooge" for his blatant, unnatural sex acts he performs behind closed doors to men, woman, and children. His sex dungeons are rumored to hold hundreds of people in secret locations around the world.

Early Years[edit]

Born into a wealthy Bostonian family whos farther was a kumquat, young Pat enjoyed badminton, yachting, being felt up by older men, and masturbation. The family in fact owned a luxurious vacation home in Massachusetts reportedly causing a jealous Ted Kennedy to declare, "Why if that don't beat all! I'm so mad I could drive a woman off a bridge!" Pat first heard Jesus's call in the late 1950's when, just out of high school, he was totally sodomised by a horny transsexual priest with an STD. While recovering in the hospital from his ordeal, he was sodomised again, but this time by a transsexual nurse with a 12 inch cock. After his second ordeal, doctors diagnosed him with severe autism as well as a severe case of the clap. It's rather unfortunate.

Totally pissed about what happened, Robertson decided to dedicate his life to Christianity. He learned that he could derive great sexual pleasure from reading the Bible. This was his inspiration for his book "The Horny Bible", a story that sold well in the Christian Fundamentalist community, but didn't sell very well in the human being community, In 1965, at the age of twenty-three, he began his sojourn to what he called, "the unholiest place on God's green earth." He got lost on his way to Washington, D.C., and ended up in Jersey instead.

Pat fantasizing about a threesome between Jesus, Fred Phelps, and himself as he takes it up the ass from Sean Hannity. Either that or he was just really constipated. He is well know to do both though.

Success! O Flow'r Most Rare![edit]

Patty leg pressing 2,000 pounds by help of God and a strong healthy prostate.

In 1981, President Charles Nelson Reilly nominated Robertson to become Chief Justice of the United States. Despite his constant references to the body as "a bunch of Jewy Papist homosexuals," Robertson accepted the nomination and promised to "butch it up a little bit." His duties as Chief Justice did take their tolls on his ability to host "That 700 Club." His infrequent appearances as host (costars Topher Grace and Laura Prepon took hosting duties in his stead) were marred by his growing depression.

It was during this time, however, that Robertson finally found a foothold in the pantheon of television broadcasters. Robertson never actually treated his depression; he conferred with his maid, and he bought copious amounts of the drugs whose names he understood. He would often come on the air in an Oxy-Contin-induced haze, threatening crew members and shouting obscenities at the audience, which was eventually phased out to accommodate Robertson's violent tendencies. On one infamous broadcast, Robertson declared,

"I am the king of all mediumses media whatever. There I said it yeah I said it! Even not God's got anything on me! I'm bigger than JESUS, and I don't just mean lirrally I mean mephorically as well, I think. Someone tell me. SOMEONE FUCKING TELL ME! Praaaaise Jesus, I mean praise Jesus. You know what the problem with this country is? The problem with this country... is? You know what YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS?!"

Robertson then fell asleep, and the remainder of the hour-long broadcast was dead air. Advertisers and viewers were dumbfounded by what they saw, but producers at "That 700 Club" saw an opportunity for change. The format was drastically altered so that it centered on Robertson's insane, drug-induced ramblings. A key clause in his contract was changed to finally allow him to physically strike guests if they "bad-mouthed Jesus."

Later on, "That 700 Club" truly made its mark on the world of television when, in 1989, Robertson aired an hour-long exposé entitled, "Jews: America's Silent Killer." It had nothing to do with Jews, and was, in fact, just a regular episode. This was the first recorded incidence of sensationalism in media.

The Scottish Documentary Incident[edit]

In 1997, Pat Robertson took a trip to Scotland with a film crew. The original plan was to make a video for sale on late-night TV called "Pat Robertson and Guys Gone Wild", featuring Pat getting young men drunk and exposing themselves. However, when Pat Robertson was having his daily squinting session, he hallucinated that God told him to do a program on Scotland and homosexuality -two completely unrelated subjects - and the project changed.

According to Robertson's hallucinations the project was now to be directed by well-known propagandist Michael Moore, though Robertson would still write the script. The documentary turned out to be a three-hour diatribe of why the Scottish race were a bunch of homosexuals, and the film outlined more of Robertson's familiarity with the homosexual lifestyle than it did of his knowledge of the Scottish culture.

The many signs that led Robertson to conclude that the Scottish were homosexual include:

  • his mistaking the trillions of Scottish men wearing kilts for homosexual crossdressers wearing skirts. Plus the kilt's nature led to promiscuous sex, being so easy to lift up for coitus.
  • the dominance of sheep in the country being proof (to him) that the men needed something to have sex with when other men weren't around. He explained that the term "virgin wool" came from Scotland and was proof of the national pastime of sheep-shagging as a homosexual sport.
  • that Scotch whiskey and drinking being so omnipresent lead to rampant homosexuality.
  • the national dish haggis being proof there weren't many women around to cook for the men, because if there were better food than haggis could be found.
  • his understanding that when in the historical film Braveheart William Wallace (played by Mel Gibson) says "throw this poof out the window!", it was in the understanding that he would land in Wallace's haycart so he could have him later.
  • his mistaken belief that the Scottish national anthem, Flower of Scotland, is sodden with gayness.

Not only did he offend the Scottish men and sheep, but his film offended women to. He kept insinuating Scottish women were all ugly, another thing which contributed to the drinking, homosexuality, and sheep-shagging. He also repeated an ancient English joke which has driven all Scottish women to take up arms; Q: what do you call a pretty woman in Scotland? A: a tourist.

Because of these reasons, the entire Scottish nation declared war on Pat Robertson. For three months, diplomatic relations broke down between Scotland and America. The Scottish threatened to invade America if Robertson was not handed over, and began talks of "regime change". For a brief while, the Scottish Parliament tried to get the UN involved in military action, but the Scottish did not have enough money to bribe them to go along, and the UN was too busy with their child sex rings in East Africa. Scotland realized that they'd have to go in unaided, alone, working unilaterally.

Then one Scotsman got sober for a minute and realized they should try an embargo before invasion. Importations to America, including haggis, bagpipe music, kilts, and Scotch whiskey soon began. The lack of importation of the first three items did not affect the American people, though support for hiding Pat Robertson began to wane when Ted Kennedy couldn't get drunk anymore and began to sober up.

The American government finally reached a compromise with the Scottish Parliament when the Americans agreed to pay Scotland $5.2 million dollars and get Robertson to give a weak apology and eat haggis for a year as punishment, if the Scottish would stop threatening war and end the embargo on the importation of whiskey. The Scottish agreed, adding that they'd also want a photo of Robertson in a compromising situation with a sheep. The Americans took the photo of Robertson, which he said he enjoyed doing, and mailed it to the Scottish. Importation of whiskey began the next day, and Kennedy was happy. The international crisis ended, and threats of war were averted.

Historians later concluded a Scottish invasion of America wouldn't have worked, since not enough Scottish soldiers could have fit on the back of the Loch Ness monster to have made a successful beach landing.


In 2003, Robertson published his long-awaited novelization of the hit 2000 cheerleader comedy, Bring It On.

Origins of His Nickname[edit]

Pat Robertson was originally named Mary Magdalene Robertson by his father. When in college, he made his roommate shout "Yes, pat pat pat!" during their regular meditations. Considering this event a real climax in his young life, Robertson decided to keep "Pat" as his first name.

Pat's War on Everything But Terrorism[edit]

In 2001, together with Jerry Falwell, Robertson issued a harsh condemnation of abortionists, feminists, the ACLU, bloggers, longhairs, Republicans, Democrats, teletubbies,Chicken Huffers and everyone else but himself and Jerry Falwell for assisting in the September 11th attacks. To his dying day, he was still unaware that terrorists are actually to blame.

In 2005, Pat Robertson finally got his wish when a series of hurricanes he had been bugging God about for years finally struck the Gulf Coast of the United States. Hugo Chavez made a speech urging the assassination of Pat Robertson, saying, "There is no need for a costly war when you can just take him out." Within weeks, Pat Robertson was assassinated by Hugo Chavez in a very unconvincing John Wilkes Booth mask. Robertson was replaced as Chief Justice by John Roberts.

Robertson proved his mettle in early 2006 by delivering a message from beyond the grave concerning Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's recent stroke: "If you do something God disapproves of, then you become ill, clearly there's a connection. If you do something God disapproves of, and you don't become ill, well then. Ariel Sharon has divided fnord God's land! It's that simple, folks. Notice how I use the word 'folks' to maintain my down-home, heartland charm even as a ghost?" It is believed that Robertson's ability to engage in selective finger-pointing to justify his religion will only continue to grow postmortem.

Pat also hates any type of coffee that isn't black. Cappuccino, Mocha, and anything with cream and/or sugar. Pat simply likes his coffee black, just like his soul.


Ol' Pat strapped 150lbs of explosives on his body and went into a Mosque screaming, before self-detonating, on the top of his lungs "Lets see how you like it!!!" This was not successful, as he tripped on the way in to the mosque and hurt his back, preventing the bombs from detonating. He later blamed it on Satan, leading Satan to cry and ask Jesus to tell Pat to apologize for his slanderous remarks, as well as for NOT making a really cool looking explosion. After refusing to apologize, Jesus kicked him and his entire skeleton shattered, leaving him to die as a blob.

On the third day, he thought he rose again, making his abnormally small mind think that he was some kind of reincarnation of Jesus Christ. The rest of the world knows the truth, that he really, in fact, died a horrible death and was sent down to the depths of Hell to live out all eternity with Satan, so to endure extreme sodomy fives time a day while having a threesome with Fred Phelps and his mommy for her to give a dog and pony trick. After leaving hell, he began his career as a professional furry, performing beastiality for the rest of his life.


Pat Robertson was taken into custody(and out on bail, once again paid for by his good "friend"(lover) Fred Phelps) by the UN for failing to report the tragedy that he knew was going to happen to Haiti (he knew this because their relatives 200 years ago wanted freedom from their white masters which made god mad.)

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