Patronizing we

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Do we understand now?

Hello, good day. How are we feeling today? Good? Today we're going to read an article. Are we ready? We're going to have to concentrate really hard, or we might get lost. And we don't want that to happen, do we? No, we don't. So why don't we get on with it and start the article?

We're in the introduction now. This is where we learn all about the article. Soon we'll get a good idea about the article's subject and we can continue on with our new knowledge. In this case we're learning about the "patronizing we," a particular part of grammar. We're almost through the introduction now. Another sentence and we'll be done.

We're in the first section now![edit]

Now, we're reading the first section. Isn't this fun? Let's learn more about the "patronizing we," shall we? Yes, we shall. When we use the patronizing we, we are referring to whoever we're talking to, but not ourselves.

Wow, next paragraph! We're really good at this, aren't we?

Now we're on the second section.[edit]

Have we clicked on any links yet? If we have, good for us!