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Typical Pay per view pornography.

Pay per view is one of the worst ways to obtain pornography; the charges cannot be disputed with your credit card company and the logs may be saved in a publicly accessed queue. Proponents of pay per view lovingly refer to this as a good way to view pornography without the general public being privy to the viewer's particular fetish or pornography habit; people who are smart know that the pay-per-view companies sell it's customer's demographics to businesses that have no higher function but to hunt the porn viewer down and humiliate him/her.

Otherwise, notably the previous summer's 'Blockbusters,' i.e. the movies that you didn't want to see then and still don't want to see now.

Other contexts[edit]

The ability of one person to pay for, upfront, an allotted amount of time to expend watching a streaming 'rental' over the internet- usually of an adult nature, pay per view is also closely related to hillbillyism, as the cost per minute is usually just as much as the actual full rental itself, though many users who do not understand the concept of bulk sale nor logic may be confused more easily than those who opted for the free porn available in any search engine cache.

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Is one of the worst ways to obtain pornography; the charges cannot be disputed with your credit card company and the logs may be saved in a publicly accessed queue


Knowing hillbillies are prime consumers, four brothers known as the Jones Boys (Matthew, Luke, Mark, and Sylvan) introduced a channel in 1979 that showed only scrambled pornography. Only showing portions of a nipple occasionally, the Jones Boys were able to hook not only their target hick audience but also a plethora of suburban teenage boys who were receiving cable for the first time. Two years later Matthew and Sylvan Jones created a new pay-per-view channel, Spice, which actually broadcasted soft-core pornographic films, most notably those by Traci Lords and future late night talk show host Arsenio Hall. A six hour block was available for $24.95 and the Spice channel soon rivaled Microsoft in terms of share price. Five years later Microsoft took their company public and Spice's status plummeted.

Pay-per-View (the metal band)[edit]

Formed in 1999 by a jilted ex-lover of Judas Priest front man Rob Halford, Pay-per-View is a mediocre thrash band from Manchester, England. Aside from brief notoriety from lead singer Justin Timberlake's intimate relationship with Halford, the band once featured the corpse of Mark Bolan on guitar (recording for the "Cut the Shit" ep) and appeared in the film "Fist of the Armadillo," as the rock group playing the high school prom.

After a brief tour of England and five dates around Europe, the band split up in 2006 when singer Justin Timberlake died of AIDS while vacationing in Cannes. The authorities suspect foul play and his case is still under investigation. For more information on the band Pay-per-View please [visit their website]