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Come on, even the nerdy kid down the street did it.

“What's the worst that could happen?”

~ Dr Pepper on Peer pressure

You're suck a fucking pussy, you won't even try a cigarette? You won't even try one?! Come on, it's just one! You can stop if you don't like it. Come oooooon!

What's that? Lung cancer? Bullshit, I've been doing it for four years, do you see *cough* *cough* do you see me- *COUGH COUGH* *SPLUTTER* -do you see me having any problems? *cough*

See, this is the problem. Do you ever wonder why you don't fit in? Do you know why you are a complete social outcast? It's because you, my friend, are missing something in your life, and that something is peer pressure.


Peer pressure is the collaboration of your friends on what is best for you. Remember, your friends know everything, so it's best to listen and do whatever they say. Even if it's that cool guy you don't know telling you what to do, listen to him. Don't you want to be like that cool guy?

Does it make you cool?[edit]

Studies by MTV's best scientists, smoking will make you look tough while walking down your 'ghetto'. It also proved that smoking dope is 'fly' and you'll be 'down with it'. And if you don't follow the cool kids at your high school, you will become 'uncool', and will have nothing better to do on a weekend besides helping elderly, collecting for the church, and going steady with the reverend's daughter. Peer pressure's worst nightmare is straight-edge lame punk band Minor Threat, they encourage teens to be boring twats who put X's on everything (in which that crappy emo habit came in)

But beware![edit]

Never ignore peer pressure. The consequences of ignoring peer pressure are absolutely disastrous. You will lose the respect and admiration of your so-called friends. People you admire will point at you, and whisper behind their hands. You'll be refused entry to all your favourite bars and restaurants. Children will follow you in the street, laughing and jeering. In extreme cases, you may be hounded out of civilisation entirely, forced to live in the Outer Darkness, subsisting on what meagre roots and grubs you can scrape from the frozen ground, sharing whatever shelter you can find with badgers and stoats, and every day you'll drop to your knees, shake your fist at the sky, and curse unto the depths of Hell your foolish decision not to bow to peer pressure.

Come on, you know you want to.[edit]

Seriously, all the cool kids are doing it.