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Peg and Pete's daughter, Pistol.

Peggy Hortense Pete (b.August 11, 1936) is one of the most famous female figures in Disneyland, having been a former Miss Calisota champion, the lust object of Goofy and one of the leading real-estate agents of Calisota.


Peg was born in the poor side of Spoonerville, the eldest in a family of 16. Her father, Aneurin r, a scrap-metal dealer and TV quizmaster, was known to the police and a devout Catholic. Peg attended St. Sheepshagger's School in Spoonerville for 5 years of her life, where she was a cheerleader. She graduated in 1957 with a double-major degree in Shouting and Mindless Complaining. It was because of this degree that she quickly landed a job in the complaints department of Peg O' My Heart Realty, an estate agency in Spoonerville, where she was forced to change her name to Peg to give a family atmosphere to the place, where everyone was named Peg.

Marriage and Life[edit]

In 1958, Peg married Pete, a notable member of the Disney elite and rival of Goofy. However, due to Pete's impotency and Peg's fascination for leather, it would not be until the 1960's that they would have kids, being P.J. Pete (born 1965) and Pistol Pete (born 1968).

Throughout the reign of Mickey Mouse the Great, Peg found herself attracted even more to Goofy, Minister of Homeland Security (and, unbeknownst to Peg, architect of the Mauschwitz slave labor camp)

Miss Calisota 1963[edit]

In 1963, when Goofy began his propaganda series, Goof Troop, Peg enrolled in the Miss Calisota beauty pageant, and won practically hands-down. It is believed that Goofy had bribed the judges for Peg to win, especially as she was featured most prominently in the Goof Troop series.

Peg Today[edit]

Goofy and Peg's relationship, long in decline, finally ended in 1970 when he fled the country. In 1972 in a Truth and Reconciliation hearing, it was found that she had not been aware of the full extent of Goofy's atrocities at Mauschwitz and elsewhere, and thus she was not found culpable for any crimes comitted during the regime.

Since then, Peg has lived a quiet life. She has since divorced from Pete and taken Pistol with her to live on the other side of Spoonerville. In 1996, she released an autobiography, Peg is now the head of Peg O' My Heart Realty, and has kept herself hidden from public view by installing a bureaucratic system for making an appointment with her. Besides that, she has declined every interview with her, making modern details difficult to obtain.

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