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Quiz! Pekisagon!! is one of the quiz shows which gained power little by little from Before Romusuka 4? (2004?). Substance is also tradition in a mystery. Since this was known by the world, viewership was increasingly pushed up by people who fear aging of brains. It is said that since the viewership of Nepurigu surpassed 98%, feelings of competition have been borne -- seemingly, it is merely only that. However, since other programs which cannot be sold at all imitated and CM was increased, the deflationary spiral of TV becoming more boring has been started. Those who live in Ibusuki-shi, Kagoshima -- not having noticed, either. It is as Pekisagon. The new program which was produced by support of the person (it is described as a believer below) who believed the common saying are Mr. O!. World War broke out. These days, it may be taken out to the second examination of an entrance examination, especially of national and public universities and colleges. Oh, it was good.
Incidentally, it is said that the reason the hall is Oki or the Rishiri island is that the first chairman has South Korean nationality, and the South Korean government wanted these islands. The threat on a title called invitation was performed. The meeting institution in Oki used as the hall continued burning for six days, and the strong building was also burned down. According to public opinion, Pekisagon fears the following points.

Beast! It is a program for arranging and taking basic knowledge into consideration and spreading at a world, receiving brushing in the body from Goshigoshi daughter directly. However, it is in practice as they wants to lower an audience rating too. Be started! Next, it disappears. -- A picture? Incidentally -- Bita of a field ratio, and Nobunaga Oda create a quiz show to His Majesty Chicken further -- it is said that His Majesty's program is recording 99.9% of viewership for ** consecutive years.