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What has science done?!


No one is completely sure as to the origins of the monstrous behemoth known as Pelikan. Some say that his existence is a result of countless generations' worth of inbreeding, producing a life-form that barely resembles the human form. The alternative theory, one gaining more credibility by the day, is that he originates from somewhere near Chernobyl and that his size and power are due largely to heavy exposure to high levels of radiation. Indeed, scientists have debated for years as to whether or not Pelikan can properly be classified as a living creature, let alone a human being. Diverging theories however also claim that he is an homunculus, or hive organism. The answer, however, is purely academic: it will not stop his reign of destruction no matter how he is categorised.


Most of Pelikan's powers manifested themselves during his stay at Campion/McHugh on Wheeling Jesuit University, where the toxic fumes emitted by the air conditioning vent only served to increase his destructive capability. He is able to release toxic gas on his own, and his hulking mass makes him nearly impervious to most conventional weapons.

Despite his clear offensive capability, not even the League of Evil has condescended to consider employing Pelikan among their ranks. His absence during the SAGA may be more to do with the fact that he had failed out and did not return until the Prauge Spring II: Electric Boogaloo at WJU in 2003.

Currently, the only being capable of controlling Pelikan is Dr. Ubermann.

The use of Pelikan in a war zone has been strictly prohibited by an international law making body, and his room mate. It is considered a war crime to make use of him and his powers.

Have you seen this man?[edit]

He is well-known for having pioneered the theory of wang biting.

If you do see this man in the streets and you have a weapon of any kind whatsoever handy, please - attack the groin area for best results.

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