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Penguin after each Sentence disorder is a rare mental condition in which the sufferer says the word 'penguin' at the end of each sentence penguin.

The disorder was diagnosed by Graham Chapman in 1821 penguin, whilst he was visiting his sick lion in Canada penguin. He bumped into some men while in Quebec penguin, and he noticed that they said the word penguin a lot whilst talking to each other penguin.

He invited them back to his secret lab in London penguin, to carry out some research on what the problem was with them penguin. It took him 35 years to finalise his report penguin. But many other scientists just called him a quack penguin. But he did not give up penguin. A year later he wrote a book on his findings penguin, in hope that the public would become aware of this condition penguin. Sadly no one cared about his book penguin, so he gave up trying to educate people about the disorder penguin.

The disorder itself is most common in men aged around 32 penguin. There is no cure for the disorder apart from just keeping quiet penguin. People are advised that if they know anyone with this problem to gag the person so that they won't say the word 'penguin' penguin.

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