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Fuck. Pentrox is a fictional supervillian in the country of GameFAQs state of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Also, cocks. Fuck.

Pentrox Begginings[edit]

  • Pentrox was an Hylian Knight corrupted by the Twilight, works as a double agent for Ganondorf and the King of Hyrule.
  • Following his corruption, Ganondorf offers him a job for 5 Mexican Varos a month, since he is from there.

Battles against Pentrox[edit]

  • In the 8th dungeon, a planned battle between him and Ganondorf ends up in him stabbing Ganondorf in the brain while gore and blood and cheese is seen.
  • You fight him following his betrayal in the 9th and in the 11th dungeon, where his human part is killed and becomes "Chaos Magicks Powered Pentrox"
  • He OWNS you and he gets like "Mu4h4h4h4!! I 4m t3h 1337 and 1m g0ing t0 k|77 j00 477 4n 34t j00r b4bi3s!!!!!" and is never seen in the whateverwearetalkingabout again until he appaers at the final battle give Ganondorf godly-powerz.
  • If you are able to beat the game following the cheat, then Pentrox appeaers to fight you. His strategy is quite simple: You need to put chocolate bars in the dark arrow for them to become Dark Choco Arrows, then you must go to Oprah Winfrey house in the Hylian Plaza for her to bless your Arrows. But Pentrox beats you to her and rapes her. While Oprah and Pentrox are "buisy", you aim your Dark Choco Arrows at Pentrox.

Unolcking Pentrox[edit]

Theres a very long never ending cheat to unlock him but is so long that even for Chuck Norris would be impossible to end. The cheat is as follows:

  • First, you must obtain the Triforce in OoT. Afterwards, take your OoT cartridge, and throw it into a a fire and get it back and then wait for it to get heavier and read the new inscription thta re writtne in
  • ^Joo accept all friend requests? Hey, be my friend!! (WTF!?)
  • After accepting the friend request, place the burnt OoT cartridge in the Wiimote. Then, once the Wiimote is nice and crispy, aim a Bomb Arrow at gamespot, evacuate to Gamefaqs AND... eat a pie.
  • After you eat the pie, barf it up on some random homeless person then he says "you know where you are? Your in the jungle baby your gonna dieee!
  • Then savagely curse fate for ever generating the popularity of that horrendous earshreder, hunt down Axle Rose, give him an atomic wedgie, and then kick his ass so bad that he will die 4evar.
  • then pentrox gives you a pimp tunic! with this, you are able to finally take some needed control over zelda, in which you take her into a dark room in hyrule castle you now lay her on the matress of time and the king of hyrule suddenly walks in and asks if he can join.
  • Now, you must choose "yes or no". in order to continue, you choose No, because the king uses codes on PSO.
  • Then, Pentrox comes along and says "Seen my uncyclopedia entry?" Now you answer yes, or go Then you take the cardridge out the N64 and chunk it onto a dvd player, then you choke your monkey so that It finally coughs up the Wiimote, DVD player, and burnt cartridge.
  • Then Princess peach porn passes by with Mario's dead body ..and you grab it and trade it with Tingle for the Link's Quest for Ass 3 UMD video for your PSP when all of a sudden The tic yells "SPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!
  • Meanwhile, on the other side of the world some chinese-iraqi dudes and some hawiian women play with their Wii's and then you get Pentrox as the FINAL BOSS!!
  • But then a giant enemy crab appears right in front of your monitor telling you that it's not quite over yet, then you lure the giant crab towards you until its directly over a hotspring thats about to blow..... then.....
  • NINJA! THOUSANDS OF THEM! Link's only chance is to Use the Kirby cheat.
  • Wait wrong game, but it's not, then kirby comes out of the ground and kills the ninja with a jedi lightsaber, then Link eats a banana and turns into BANANA MAN! then u must avoid getting eaten by Pentrox.

Pentrox's Lovelife[edit]

  • Pentrox has been known to be quite the player, getting involved with women such as:


Princess Toadstool

Paris Hilton


Princess Zelda

Pentrox's Personal Time[edit]

  • Pentrox is also a master of the following ninja techniques: Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, Kage Mane no Jutsu, Kage Kubi Shibari no Jutsu, Rasengan, Sex Change no Jutsu, Tax Exemption no Jutsu, and Cheesy Death Jutsu.
  • The favorite food of Pentrox is the Cucco Flavored Taco. This has been confirmed by Miyamoto in some Mexican Magazine interview.

Future of Pentrox?[edit]

Since Pentrox was never killed in this whateverwearetalkingabout, It's possible that we see him in the sequels:

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