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In psychology and the cognitive sciences, perception is the process of experiencing one sensory experience as another. Examples would include the smell of a triangle (in the Platonic sense), the taste of blue, the sound of 98 degrees, or the thought of the truth. Perception is definately not in the eye of the beholder, rather it is located behind your shoulder blades about an arms reach away though this can vary from person to person.

In Epistemology perception is defined as the antithesis of deception.

Perception in the New Age Movement[edit]

It is commonly believed that for each life form there exists an aura that can be "seen" by a mystic. This is a flawed perception for as stated perception is the act of experiencing one sense as another. Therefore, for an aura to be "seen" it must actually be a phenomenon totally devoid of light and of infinite darkness. So Hail Satan!

Oscar Wilde, the Dark Lord himself, was once quoted as saying about perception, "Seeing is believing, but perceiving is deceiving" --- what an asshole!