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Permaban is the act of turning regular banning into a much more complex and elaborate process than it has to be, and usually ends with the original ban being permanent. With the most bans, someone is being bad, they get a ban for a while, then they come back. With a Permaban, extra features, including Votes, Warnings, Messages, Probation, and other forms of harassment are involved. Don't feel special. If you have been or are about to be permabanned, well, you're fucked, pal.

This is you permabanned.

The History of the Permaban[edit]

King George was very displeased with his permaban.

The original permaban was invented some time around the Stone Age, near the dawn of Wikipedia. Dinosaurs were roaming the earth, eating each other, and doing what they do best, when God came out and began to wonder: "What the hell? These guys don't do anything productive. Time to start over." and thus permabanned the dinosaurs with a huge meteorite. After that, God created the first Man and Woman, who he permabanned them from the Garden of Eden. After a while, he sent a huge flood to permaban all the evil in the world. Seriously, God is a permaban addict.

The world's first human permaban took place around 1776, when the writers of the Declaration of Permaban basically told King George III that he was permabanned from America. The American Revolution then took place soon after when the King forgot his reading glasses and thought that the Americans were actually declaring independence from Britain, and a huge war based on a misunderstanding occurred. And the Declaration of Permaban was forever known as the Declaration of Independence.

Hitler decided to permaban all Jews as payback for being cyberbullied

Permabanning became popular around 1940 when Adolf Hitler gained power in Germany, and soon decided that it would be a good idea to permaban all the Jews from life. Hitler then proceeded to declare war on the entire freaking continent, but that is neither here nor there. (The U.S. soon permabanned Hitler after WWII, causing the new phenomenon to spiral out of control.)

With the invention of the computer in the early 80s, permabanning had become a new-fangled craze that everyone soon began to enjoy. The police began permabanning all the criminals, The government began permabanning all the drugs, and bouncers would permaban people that were causing trouble in their bar. It became such a craze that Ronald Reagan soon issued a bill that permabanning was, in fact, unlawful, but then came out with his "Star Wars" program to permaban any Russian spy sattelites or missles, which contradicted his order of permabanning in it's entirety. So the craze remained.

Modern Permabanning[edit]

Today, the rush of permanbanning has even gotten crazier since the invention of the Internet, and Uncyclopedia. The power that admins wield is absolute: Their way or the Permaban. It has and always will be this way.

With the creation of Uncyclopedia, permabanning had become almost on with American society, not just their culture, but almost the government itself. Permaban today has become a household name. It almost considered the American Way of Life. Many uses include:

  • Weight-loss programs for permabanning calories.
  • Using the Banhammer in Halo. (Cheater!)
  • Rehab for certain celebrities.
  • Death Penalty

It is also likely that the admins will Permaban this article, adding a lot of self-reference here.

A lot of research and development is currently going into the Permaban industry, and soon many more items will be available, such as actual weapons for use of Permabanning, Anti-Permaban Amulets, Vaccinations, Toys, Action Figures, and Video Game Franchises.

If You Have Been Permabanned[edit]

You may even have seen one of these.

Please take the following steps:

  1. Cry.
  2. E-mail and curse at the admin/moderator who banned you.
  3. Deny everything when he calls the police.
  4. Cry.
  5. Go into a deep depression. (See Emo)
  6. Cry.
  7. Beg for mercy to the admin so that you may be spared.
  8. Cheer if you get unbanned.
  9. Cry if the permaban remains.

When complaining to the admin, please be sure to get on one knee and speak in a British accent. Doing this will in fact, gain the admin's sympathy and he will be more open to hearing you.

Always do whatever the admin asks of you. Bark like a chicken, cluck like a dog, if you have to.

If you cannot meet the admin in person, ask for his address and send him a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates, and a formal letter of apology with your signature and stamp. If possible , also send him a cash bribe.

If you have determined that you cannot possibly be unbanned, and have taken all the steps above, please move out of the country or Kill yourself, because the admin is likely to have called the police and they are coming to find you. Leave now.

Use this example:

Hi, Todd Lyons. Could you ban this ip and unban After being banned,my friend is now on the verge of suicide. Please, don't let him suffer the same short, happy death as Francis Macomber (by Ernest Hemmingway, who also killed himself.) Please, please, just give him on more chance. He and I beg of you, grovelling before you (physically and figuratively.)

See? Use suicide to manipulate hapless admins into giving you your freedom back!

Famous Permabans[edit]

  • George W. Bush - Permabanned from Uncyclopedia. That's right. See Stupid.
  • Miley Cyrus - Permabanned from something. We aren't quite sure yet.
  • You - Permabanned from Uncyclopedia. That's probably why you're reading this article.
  • Hpsifnbnjs - Permabanned from World of Warcraft for Epic Spamming. Rumors say he spammed a total of 75 people in Stormwind before he was banned.
  • Godzilla - Permabanned from Hollywood for not making use of CG when he had the chance.
  • Guest - Permabanned from Everything. You've seen him everywhere, blanking your articles, replacing your jokes, redirecting featured articles to the one called Blank so no one can edit out the redirect.
  • Bob the Builder - Permabanned from the construction industry for making his tools out of poor quality clay.
  • Darth Vader - Permabanned from the Jedi Order for joining the dark side.
  • Microsoft - Permabanned for releasing Windows Vista.
  • Oprah - Permabanned for having a bad talk show.
  • Benson- THAT'S RIGHT!!!!!

Techniques of Permabanning[edit]

These are the methods that any admin uses to permaban something.

Technique A: Warn, then Permaban[edit]

This is probably the most common way people are permabanned, with the user doing something stupid, then the admin warns the user via message, then permabans the user before they have a chance to respond.

Technique B: Instant Permaban[edit]

This is how Guest got permabanned. After mercilessly editing countless articles, the admin immediately permabans the user so incredibly fast that causes a rift in the space-time continuum that the user is permabanned before he did anything wrong and the rift swallows the user in.

Technique C: Chuck Norris Permaban[edit]

If the permabanned users keeps hacking wikia and creating a new user and won't stop bothering us, the admin hires Chuck Norris to permaban the user and he clicks the 'BAN' button so incredibly hard that he permabans Windows, the user's hard drive, and blows up the user's car with the addition of the user's head.

Technique D: Perma-Permaban[edit]

When permabanning goes out of control, the admins permaban permabanning. But then the admins have to permaban themselves for permabanning the permabanned permaban. This causes a paradox that destroys the universe, Uncyclopedia, and Wikipedia will create an article about it that everyone will mock.

Technique E: Do nothing and let somebody else take care of it[edit]

This is the favorite of Uncyclopedia to ban its members. Just wait for someone else the permaban that guy so that admin doesn't have to.

The "See Also" section nobody actually reads[edit]