Perpetual pwnage

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The concept of Perpetual Pwnage is just as hard to explain as it is to understand. One must possess a vast knowledge of physics, quantum mechanics, not sucking, Leet, noobs, noob properties, micro(as well as ubermicro) and of course pwning to fully understand Perpetual Pwnage. Being very smart, not like book smart but like Super Mario Bros smart, tends to help. Also noobs cannot understand Perpetual Pwnage, for they do not understand pwnage, or even the fact they are noobs. Naturally, those who are 1337, and those who belong to a very mysterious clan of ultimate gamers known as T.A.T.E. (more commonly known to as can fully comprehend the great complexities of Perpetual Pwnage.

The Equation of Perpetual Pwnage[edit]

Recent Developments in Study[edit]

2007 yielded some of the most comprehensive research to date on the study and application of Perpetual Pwnage. The bulk of the project was spearheaded by Mexican-born scientist Jose Morales Camacho Luis Garcia Lopez Taco Jose Martinez "Dirty" Sanchez and funded by some azn. Most of the research was completely fruitless and for the most part consisted of noobs being pwned in various ways. Perpetual Pwnage goes kind of like this: a noob gets pwned by someone less noobish than him, and wonders why they were pwned. Most noobs will never figure it out, because most are unaware that they are noobs and are content with calling themselves "casual gamers" or "casual drivers" etc. Development was cut short in August when a noob realized he was a noob, and promptly combusted internally. Legal battles aside, research was considered a soaring success. In conclusion, a noob is "perpetually" pwned when he realizes he will never pwn; giving the noob's body full justification to commit suicide. Somehow a second equation was derived, and new research is in the work to figure out what the hell it means.

What The Hell It Means[edit]

This information cannot be divulged unless you are killed, furthermore if you knew what the hell it meant you would not need to read about it, would ya punky boy?