Pet Shop of Horrors

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This is thy Count D

The Gay Pet Shop of Horrors, a store of "mascots" founded by Thef Ucker on the Chinese district of USA, was created to annoy sell "interesting animals" to the residents.

The old Ucker was assassinated by its son Count D to remain with the store went on trip and leave his position to its son the Count gay D, this also has the interest of Thef Ucker to annoy sell "interesting animals" to the residents of the Chinese district.

Count D[edit]

Gay consomme', zoofilic of reputation, owner after to kill its father who his father outside trip of the store of mascots, has the superlong nails that strikes each others when is excited and has type pig orgasms when they give to him of champagne pies.

The Three Rules[edit]

This Guy1.jpg is Ugly
  1. Not to let to the mascot listen to reaggeton.
  2. Not to let to the mascot eat McShit.
  3. Not to let to the mascot see guy1.jpg

If the rules are broken the mascot is transformed into monster, kills to somebody and Count d the acquittal the mascot

Sold "Animals"[edit]

The clients of the store think that the second use of this is of opium hall, nothing but false, is a brothel the only whore is Count D and his client number 1 is Leon Orcot that pays to him with Champan pies, this goes to the store with the excuse of a police investigation.

This is the Siren
  • Rabbit Girl: Sold to a pair of Drug dealers, sadicos that gave to cocaina to their daughter until she die, after they were with gay of the count who sells a girl identic to that die to them a but thee count says that it is a rabbit. As the girl is crazy requests to his parent the Cd of Daddy Yanki, the girl becomes pregnant with the gasoline and she becomes in a mooster rabbit it gives light and it kills to one of the parents and the count it is going to look for it
  • Siren: Certain millionaire has a sexual slave, this I get tired and it is thrown to the sea from a yacht, The guy gets tired of the substitutehis hand and it goes to the store to buy a mascot to have zoofilic sex , this it sells a siren to him, the guy fuck she all the day. Certain day this purchase Mcshit and it gives the siren, this kills to the guy and it becomes shit fish.