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“In Soviet Russia, trees crash into YOU!”

~ Russian reversal on Peter Brock

“Boy could he punch!”

~ Brock's ex wife, reading eulogy on Peter Brock

“George, George, George of the Jungle, Strong as he can be. Watch out for that....”

~ Last Known Words Of Peter Brock

“i should of stayed in the v8s.i could of killed you to as well,cowperson”

~ peter what?
The many faces of Peter Brock.
The complete lack of faces of Peter Brock.

Peter "Giovanni" Brock AM/FM Radio (26 February 1945 – 8 September 2006) otherwise known as "Peter Perfect", "King of the Mountain" or simply as "Broccoli" was a prominent Australian all-round motor racing driver... or was he?

Personal Life + Fake Wife[edit]

His Wife Bev wasn't really his Wife she just changed her name. He liked having sex with any woman other than her.

Motor Racing[edit]

Peter Brock is considered to be a legend in Australian motor racing sport and was closely associated with Holden for almost 3 days. He won the Bathurst endurance race 155 times, the Sandtown 500 touring car race 1.5 billion times and the Australian Touring Car Championship once. One of his early successes was winning the 1970 Asian chopstick championship.

His last Bathurst victory was the Bratwurst 24 hour race which Brock completed in only 18 hours in a Holden Monaro "Polariser Edition" which is said to be powered entirely by Brock's aura.

Brock's business activities included the Holden Crack Dealer Team (HCDT), signing autographs, endorsing stuff. Possibly his most notable achievement was his first place in the Afro comp '06 swimsuit competition.

He never raced in formula 1, believing it to be inferior to V8 supercars. (Which it ism=, when was the last time you were chased by horny kiwis?)

Many Faces of Peter Brock[edit]

Brocky was legendary for not only winning races, but also for his ability to replicate the exact same smile in every single photograph ever taken of him (see photo above, sideways).


For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Peter Brock.

Peter Brock is the lead designer of Halo. He created the entire game from start to finish in 14.5 seconds, a track record. He also holds the record for fastest game completion in just 3.56 seconds.


At 11.50am on September 8, 2006, just hours after Peter testified against Steve Irwin's killer, Mr. Stingray, Peter Brock competed in the LiveForever 500 but fatally crashed into a tree after a Stringray cut his brakes. Bastard. Brock had planned to announce his 17th(or maybe 18th?) retirement on the 9th of September.

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