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The only existing photo of Peter Butter.

Peter Butter was born in 1842, during the Boer War. His first logical process was to, like the many ruthless editor preceding him, begin editing. In 1977, his first compilation of edited works was published under the title, "Peter Butter's guide to Literature", this recieved massive critical acclaim with many critics commenting that;

Early successr[edit]

After his initial success, Peter Butter began earning money akin to that of a 1977 editor. This provided him with enough money to buy himself 2 kilograms of "the editor's choice", also known as cocaine. After a 47 year cocaine binge Peter Butter emerged victorious, editing the works of well known poet and artist, William Blake. This mammoth task provided Peter with the editing prowess and flair to move on to bigger and better things.

Life, jobs and mantras[edit]

Whilst at school Butter received much torment from his peers. He suffered from a form of dyslexia known as "Hyper-dyslexia" which inadvertantly gave him the mannerisms and appearance of Michael Winner.


In 1983, Butter contracted AIDS. He is currently dead.

The Butter Door[edit]

Further research into the subject yielded many questions, and few answers. "The Butter Door", a creation of Butter himself, is the last existing link between Earth and Butter's homeworld, lovingly referred to as, "BUTTOR". When questioned on the subject Peter Butter himself has only been quoted to reply one thing.

"The Butter Door"


~ Peter Butter on "The Butter Door"