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Richard Peter Molyneux CBBC (born 1999 in a public toilet, Edinburgh, Scotland) is Lionhead Studios head pathological liar and Designer, responsible for almost every known "failure" in the entire gaming industry. In August 1997 Peter was ordered to leave Bullfrog Productions after he lost a three round boxing match with the C.E.O of the company. Molyneux then attempted to establish his own games development company by creating a team of super human game devolpers. Unfortuently, he failed in his quest after his laboratory mysteriously exploded. However, he did not give up on his quest to create a games development team. In 1999 he rounded up fifteen people he found at a local bus depo and formed Lionhead Studios.

Molyneux has acquired a reputation for issuing over-enthusiastic descriptions of games under development, which are found to be somewhat less ambitious when released. The most well-known case of this was with the game Duke Nukem Forever, released in ???? without many of the features talked about by Molyneux in press interviews during development. After the release, Molyneux publicly flipped everyone off stating that the general public expected too much of him.

When questioned if Molyneux is a huge liar, he refused to comment claiming that he had to hurry to a tea party with pinocchio.


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