Peter R. de Vries

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For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the so-called experts at Wikipedia think they have an article about Peter R. de Vries.

Back in the 16th century, Peter once was one of Hollands most popular dentists. With his funny way of talking and strange behaviour he always put a smile on everybody's face. Though after the recent food-crimes he's been held for, his popularity has been decreasing. After the mysterious death of his mother, Georgina Verbaan, people began to distrust him. For no appearant reason he fainted at the Grammy's, while holding a phallus-like 'tool'.

With the recent episode of his prime time show called 'Look who's been Killed!' some cowboy from Chile called Charlie 'zij was die wijf van die lange' Da Silva, Peter R. tried to bring down the Royal Dutch Family. After infiltrating in the chamber of secrets in the Royal Palace in Amesfoort, Peter was thrown out of the Order of the Phoenix, while wearing a pink suit, hinting that the French Revolution was set up by him.

John Wayne and Peter R. de Vries have been lifelong friends, through their shared carreers of professional Cosplayers and even the shooting of their final movie "Then John met Peter", a true Hollywood success that earned them both millions. They were later sued by Tim Burton, who claimed their movie was an exact copy of his third version of Pirates of the Carribean, also starring Hulk Hogan. It is unknown who had won this lawsuit as all five of them miraculously dissapeared, as did the personal collection of Peter R.'s own Pokemon TCG set.

He also created the long penis of Lange Jan, but this is kept secret as much as possible. :)