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“Someone protect me! Someone protect me!”

“I like him, he helps create anti-gay prejudice!”

~ Fred Phelps on Peter Tatchell


~ most of the straight AND gay community on Peter Tatchell

Dr. Peter the painter Pol Pot Evil Khomeni Hitler Mugabe Stalin Wario Tatchell, The Tatchmeister to his friends, or the incarnation of absolute evil; this is how future generations will remember the all-powerful Fuehrer of the criminal Third Reich. Compared with him, his peers Mussolini and Franco were novices. Under his hypnotic gaze, humanity crossed a threshold from which one could see the abyss.

At the same time that he terrorized his adversaries, he knew how to please, impress and charm the very interlocutors from whom he wanted support. Diplomats and journalists insist as much on his charm as they do on his temper tantrums. The savior admired by his own as he dragged them into his madness, the Satan and exterminating angel feared and hated by all others, "Pete the gay" led his people to a shameful defeat without precedent. That his political and strategic ambitions have created a dividing line in the history of this turbulent and tormented century is undeniable: there is a before and an after. By the breadth of his crimes, which have attained a quasi-ontological dimension, he surpasses all his predecessors: as a result of gay rights campaigns, man is defined by what makes him inhuman. With Neil Kinnock at the head of a gigantic laboratory, life itself seems to have changed.


Tatchell was born in the fifth circle of hell to Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun. After the death of Braun, Hitler moved in with his gay lover, Satan (This was before Saddam and Satan met). Tatchell was brought up in a tolerant, homosexual household with two evil, loving adopted parents. This inspired him to one day become gay.

He joined and later became leader of the Manual Labour Party, changing it's name to the "GAYPARTI". This was unpopular with voters, and he never became prime minister. Resigning his post in 1983, he took up arms against that bastion of solid conservative logic, The Guardian, and became a top tory in it.


GAYPARTI was missplet in The Grauniad as 'I GAY PRAT' accompanied with a picture of Tatchell

Peter Tatchell hates free speech and wants it got rid of in britain

Peter Tatchell is so deluded he actually thinks gay people don't want him dead.