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The typically mute Mighty Petra poses for a photograph.

“No pain, no gain”

~ Sign on Petra's Ass


~ Petra's Ass on Sign

Petra Majdič (born 22 December 1979 in Ljubljana), also known as "Mighty Petra", stars as the main and only character in the super-hit Slovenian reality show "Luknja" (Extreme Fall-down). With her extreme endurance, she gained popularity almost instantly among the Slovenian people. After only 5 episodes, they proclaimed her as a superior being and now she is worshipped among Slovenians, daily.

Personal Life[edit]

For those without comedic tastes, the "questionable parody" of this website called Wikipedia think they have an article about Petra Majdič.

Not much is known about Petra's childhood. She was born to Mary and Megatron somewhere in Slovenian forest, where she first started falling into holes. She probably spent all her childhood lost in the forest, since she did not learn to read or write and could not manage to learn any real language - as a result she remains silent most of the time. After many years, the "Man with the Golden Card" came and she was invited to start filming her own reality show. When she is not on the set, she likes to stay in hospitals and rehabilitation centers.

Most common Petra's answer to any given question.

Her friends had not made any remarks on her life; the official press report states: "These people are real hard to find, but we were promised by Mighty Petra, we will be able to see them in person in next decades." Her amazing characteristics suggest that anyone who knows her becomes her friend, so we can count every Slovenian as her best friend.

Extreme Fall-down & Petra's Success[edit]

Finishing 3rd, became the greatest achievment any Slovenian can possibly do

Extreme Fall-down is TV reality show, where we follow it's main star Petra and other female competitors in various tasks, like skiing, bicycling, grass mowing ect. Every contestant wants to finish first, especially Petra. Plot of the show revolves around her desperate wish to finally win the competition, but as soon as she gains lead, Petra falls into some kind of hole filled with sharp objects, rocks and tiger-lions. After her screming and shouting (the only sound she has learned) she goes back on track and finishes task as 3rd.

In Season 5 (episode 11) incident happened. After falling, Petra broke every rib in her body and puncture her brain with one, so she had to roll to the finish and mow grass with her mouth. Since she could not walk properly, it took her too much time and she finished 5th. People massively started to complain because, quoting "The episode was unrealistic. She has to finish at least 3rd." Soon after, producers of the show promised, Petra will always finish in top three, and so sharpshooter Janez was hired, to shoot every contestant who would threaten Petra's top three ranking.

Petra gained fame right after first episode, since she showed strenght and courage to Slovenians. Her constant falling in dangerous holes and almost imediate recovery became symbol for better life and peace. Her will showed suicidal Slovenians that even though their lives are filled with many obstacles, you can always finish third. Also her screaming became widely respected among Slovenians, because quoting: "She is the only one who really says what she means; while finishing third!"


It is believed that Mighty Petra in all her mightiness, has unlimited and most badass superpowers imaginable. This claim was not confirmed by anyone but Petra, but she do not talk about details, since she can not talk. But she still told us she has superpowers. Because she's that awesome.

One of the many forms, Might Petra can obtain.

Besides her abnormal strength, power... one of her best known superpowers is shape-shifting. She can become who/what-ever she wants, but most of the time she chooses to be the mute superhero she is. It has also been suggested that she is the original Jesus, Chuck Norris and Xena the Princess Warrior, but Mighty Petra has not responded to that claims. Slovenians believe that is, because she is to shy to admit it.