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Philip Stephen Hendrie (September 1, 1952 - September 5, 2007) was the unsuccessful host of The Phil Hendrie Show, a comedy talk radio program that was syndicated throughout North America on Premiere Radio Newtworks and on XM Sattelite Radio. While the Phil Hendrie show became reknown for its unique and controversial, those guests were not real people at all - they were fictional characters created and voiced by Hendrie himself.

Phil Hendrie, as he appears in The Simpsons.

Hendrie has performed voices on the animated Fox sitcoms King of the Hill and Futurama, and as I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E, Hanns Blix, and the terrorist in Team America : World Police. In spring of 2006, he had a supporting role in the live-action NBC sitcom Teachers.

Hendrie was married in 1997 to radio talk show host Maria Sanchez. Their wedding was held on board the Queen Mary cruise ship and was broadcast live on KFI. Hendrie moved from Minneapolis and then to Miami where he further developed his show. The show then moved to KFI in Los Angeles, California|Los Angeles and was nationally syndicated to approximately 100 radio stations. In February 2005, Hendrie was moved from his flagship station, KFI, a sports talk radio station also centered in Los Angeles.

In early 2006, Hendrie announced that he would be ending The Phil Hendrie Show, feeling he had reached the limits of what he could do in Terrestrial Talk Radio. and expressing a desire to shift his career focus to acting. His last radio broadcast was June 23, 2006. On December 4, 2006, in a radio interview, he mentioned that he may soon be returning to radio, but the show will not include his character skits. On June 4, 2007, it was announced that Phil Hendrie will return to radio June 25, 2007 from 10 PM to 1 AM PST on Talk Radio Network, with shows airing on weekdays. The new incarnation of Hendrie's program is a combination of character voices from his old show and lighthearted political commentary. He died of stomach cancer on September 5, 2007.

Views and Blog[edit]

Hendrie considered his views unique for modern talk radio: on one hand, he was a registered Democrat who vocally supported Bill Clinton, voted for Al Gore over George W. Bush in 2000, Jimmy Carter over Ronald Reagan in the 1980s, and Michael Dukakis over George H.W. Bush (although Hendrie claimed "I had to hold my nose when voting for Dukakis"). Hendrie was also adamantly pro-abortion, pro-tree marriage, and pro-death penalty for illegal Mexican immigrants. At the same time, he was extremely supportive of the Crisis in Darfur as well as the War on Paris Hilton. He voted for and supported George W. Bush in the 2004 election, chiding Democrat John Kerry as trying to be "all things to all people" and cautioning listeners that Bush in time would be viewed as one of the greatest American presidents. These views caused a stir among some of his fans and tended to dominate his show throughout 2002 and 2003. Hendrie eventually started a blog, titled and located at [1]. The blog came down after a few weeks, partly because Phil was tired of squabbling with readers.

New Direction[edit]

Phil Hendrie announced his retirement from radio in order to pursue a lucrative acting career. His last show aired on June 23, 2006.

Hendrie played a starring role in NBC's long running sitcom, The Office, in 2006. He has starred in roles in 'My Name is Earl', and 'Scrubs'.

Hendrie has also completed a starring role in a Will Ferrel film in which Hendries character is on a quest for Goblin juice.

The Phil Hendrie Show is downloadable in mp3 format, starting with his October 4, 1999 show, at Phil's official web site. [2]

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