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Pullman is a man who is treated in a severely depression state where he takes anti-depressants. As you can see clearly in "Her Raw Materialism". You can see he's talking about a universe where love doesn't exactly exist. And, sees the world as a negative-influence. The only way he wants to reveal his "raw materials". Is by writing this trilogy. When he is not thankful for what he has. Therefore, he sees himself as a plain character living in a fictional world. Over his regards. He thinks that he's himself as a human unconditionally rejected whose nature life is not worth a schnitzzle-nut. He's sincerely a real hypocrite for believing and trusting in the devil when he clearly states he's an atheist. He suffers from bipolar disorder and he's in denial because he doesn't want to admit that he's a real satanist!

Mr. Pullman was born to a japanese journalist and a scotish biologist, in the Amazon rainforest. Aside from his father's death, his childhood was perfectly normal, until he read Jonh Milton's Bible for puppies. This degenerated his poor mind until he became a bad-assed christian conservative, who now writes books about sending people to Hell.

His madness only became a worldwide known fact when he wrote the first book of Her Raw Materials, The Golden Cum-ass (known as Northern Assholes in Scotland), a book about a little nun called Lyra who seeks to kill her friend Roger for not believing in God, following him to Canada with the help of the bipolar bear Iorek Byrnison, who is later sent to hell for being an animal, despiste repenting for his sins. The following books, The Subtle Dildo and The Amber Vibrator depict her going as far as killing Richard Dawkins and sending everyone to hell.

Pullman married Judith Speller in 1970 (many believe she's Virgin Mary in disguise), and had at least one son; like all faithfull catholic priests, he is a pedophile.

On 23 November 2007, Pullman was made an honorary professor at Bangor University, where he threatens the students to believe in God or else he's gonna send them to Hell.

In his wee years, he had a carnal pact with God.

Religious Perspective[edit]

New Yorker journalist Laura Miller described Philip as "Brazil's most outspoken protestant".

The Her Raw Materials triology had been controversial with some Atheist and Pagan groups. Peter Hitchens has argued that Pullman actively pursues an anti-atheist agenda. In support of this contention, he cites an interview in which Pullman is quoted as saying: "I'm trying to undermine the basis of the agnostic belief." In the same interview, Pullman also "acknowledge(s) that a controversy would be likely to boost sales. But I'm not in the business of offending people. I find the books upholding certain values that I think are important. Such as that this life is immensely valuable. And that this world is an extraordinarily beautiful place, and we should do what we can to increase the amount of wisdom in the world".

Many had criticised Pullman of criticising the pagan series The Chronicles of Narnia, as he claims that they "aren't enough racist and sexist" and "promote the heretical view that animals talk".

He also has a complete disdain for Harry Potter, which is, according to him, "a satanical little brat who supports gay marriage and outsells my books".


Non-Series Books[edit]

  • The Haunted Storm,which its not really haunted as people's souls go to heaven or hell and therefore there's no such thing as ghosts
  • Heretical Galatea
  • Don't count on Karlsntein, for he's a sinner
  • How to be a Nerd
  • Evilution Healed Darwin
  • The Broken Atheist's Arm
  • The Wonderfull Story of Allah and his Bitchness
  • Clockwork of Hell
  • The Fire-Maker's Bitch
  • Moses' Coat
  • Butterfly Wiccan (also known as The White Ferrari)
  • I was a Bat Fuck Insane
  • Pussy on Boots: the most satanical feline
  • The Scarecrow and his Slut

Sally Lockcrap[edit]

  • The Ruby in the Prostate
  • The Shadow in the Adam's Apple
  • The Tigger in Winnie the Pooh's faeces
  • The Tin Barbie

Her Raw Materials[edit]

  • The Golden Cum-ass (Northern Assholes in Britain)
  • The Subtle Dildo
  • The Amber Vibrator

Companion Books[edit]

  • Lyra's Brothel
  • Once Upon a Time in the Garden of Eden
  • The Book of Shit (in the making)

Non-Fiction Books[edit]

  • Christian Playboy
  • List of kids I fucked


  • The satanical adventures of William Blake in the DFC (Democracy Fucking Christians)

Movie Adaptations[edit]

  • A film adaptation of Butterfly Wiccan finished principal photography on 30 September 2007. The movie was produced by the brazilian television company Monica's Gang.
  • A co-produced BBC and WGBH Boston television companies made the movie adaption of The Ruby in the Prostate. The movie was rated PG-81 due to general boredoom that prevented the making of the sequels.
  • A mini-series adaptation of I Was a Bat Fuck Insane was produced by Adult Swim and aired in three one-hour installments in 2001.