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Philip Seymour Hoffman is an American actor and witch doctor. He boils bat heads with P.T. Anderson and creates evil magic. His parents wanted to name him Philip Seymour Butts because he was conceived under the grandstands, but their last name was not Butts. All of his roles have been pirates. Gay pirates.

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Marketing Genius[edit]

The Hoffman, by which name he is now affectionately known, burrows into your couch cushions while you watch nude Japanese game shows and mind-melds with you, convincing you to go see his movies. This fuels the seemingly unstoppable P-S-H machine.

Fat and Happy?[edit]

The Hoffman at home

One of the Hoffman's many signature characters is the gay fat guy. His mother worries that this is not so much a character, but a fetish. But then he gives her $10,000 checks every Thursday and she snaps a letter Z in the air with him.

He also enjoys playing the gay writer guy, the gay priest guy, and the gay criminal guy. When the Hoffman is not playing gay, he is very very cross.

Photo gallery[edit]

The Hoffman as Batman in P.T. Anderson's acclaimed version
The Hoffman as the Hoff in P.T. Anderson's acclaimed Baywatch re-make