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This is a list of Legendary Pokemon. Except there is only one legendary and a bunch of wanna-bes. Why anyone would compile such a list however, is a mystery. There is also a List of the rest of the Pokémon that gets more love than this page does for some unown reason.

I said Unown! Hah! Pokemon joke! Well, Professor Oak liked it...


Articuno takes the form of a large bird with predominantly blue plumage. Its coloring is darkest on its long streamer-like tail and head crest. Its head crest is fairly simple, consisting of three rhombus-shaped feathers on its forehead. Its body is a sky-blue (only not, because then you couldn't see it), growing lighter on its chest and belly, unless nobody is looking, in which case the color changes to the myterious colour known as 'Etyr'. Nobody has ever seen this color. Its most distinctive feature is its large wings, (due to it being a bird) which don't look like they are made of ice. They also don't look like they are made of rocks. Or lava. But, it being a legendary pokemon, this seems entirely possible, because the pokemon designers are completely unethical and have no good sense of judgement. It has a small grey beak and similarly colored, thin legs, which it uses to connect its talons to the rest of its body. Obviously. An Articuno in flight is magnificent, as the color stream behind it is amazing. It's not that great if you're blind, though. On top of not being able to see Articuno, it hunts blind people mercilessly and gores them with its beak and talons for no apparent reason.

Articuno is classified as a genderless species, although it is obvious she is a female. And also judging by her cup size, she is pregnant.

When Articuno flaps its wings, it can chill the moisture in the air around it, making snow fall. It tries to do this to look cool, and succeeds amazingly. Marvellous.

Articuno, along with Zapdos and Moltres is one of the legendary birds of Kanto, although in the remakes of the Kanto-based games, Moltres is found outside of Kanto in 'Mt. Ember' (which is a shit name for a volcano). The trio are also shown roaming Sinnoh in the platinum version like idiots, teasing the player by adding in another three roamers to the region. "Articuno is more passive than its counterparts; due to its isolation in the highest mountains, Articuno dislikes battling" <- This is the belief held by many, however these people are unaware of its violent nature toward blind people. This behaviour doesn't even appear in the pokedex, as far as I know; I couldn't be bothered checking.

They are poorly understood species, believed by many to be pure myth. According to legend, she appears before doomed travelers lost in icy regions, before blinding them by flicking shards of ice in their eyes and then using this as an excuse to disembowel them.

It is described as being spectacular in flight: with its long tail streaming behind it, and its wings shining like ice. It is said to cause snow to fall when it flies, and has the potential ability to create blizzards, which it does very often, due to complete fucking moron noobs teaching the move to it, the second they waste their Master Ball on it, despite the move being inaccurate and killing innocent civilians every time it fails to hit. Fucking retards.


The rare Pokémon (OMGWTFBBQ, WE SPELLED IT CORRECT!?) Articuno lives in cold places, usually isolated on mountains. Articuno is known to roost inside the Seafoam Islands of Kanto, and begins roaming Sinnoh three years later. If she sees you, then close your eyes immediately and and prey that it wont blind you.

Articuno first appeared in the second movie. Lawrence III attempted to collect Articuno and the two other legendary birds in his scheme to capture Lugia. This obviously, due to him being a baddie in a kid's program, failed epically.

Another was seen in the episode Freeze Frame, however this is completer bullshit. Only one exists in each of the legendary species'. The Anime is so fucking retarded that it doesn't seem to notice this, however. It appears to Team Rocket early in the episode, during a censored rape scene. She then appears to Ash, Todd, Misty, and Brock, and commits acts against nature that even Uncyclopedia is not allowed to speak of.

Travellers say that the Articuno watch over them on their journeys through the mountains of Johto, although these travellers are full of shit. Articuno doesn't go to Johto, besides in the anime (which, as stated above, is completely bullshit). Nurse Joy says that Articuno has a nest in all the high mountains and cold places in the world, and flies from nest to nest bringing cold weather with it, but only during winter. This is strangely contradictory in a way that one shouldn't be bothered to express.


I swear this is the Zapdos card!

Zapdos is a yellow Electric type... just like Pikachu! It has black eyes... just like Pikachu! It is really elusive and Team Rocket is after it... just like Pikachu! It's spiky all over for no apparent reason... just like Pikachu!

Though Zapdos is touted as a powerful Pokemon, it's probably just Ash's Pikachu with wings strapped to it.

Either that or Pikachu got really drunk and decided to Nail Articuno. Given Articuno's temperament, however, the former is more likely.

Pikachu sneaks off somethings, such as in episodes in which are starring only Pokemon but don't let that trick you, its just a Japanese re-run. He/she (or both 0_o) is actually going off and putting on his wings. And maybe stop at burgerking for some food. (Considering that he rarely eats). When Pikachu attacked Articuno during pokemon 2000, his wings fell off and he returned home to ash, at which point they went into Ash's room together.. They turned off the light.. They slid under the covers.. And then Ash turned to Pikachu, and showed him what he had always wanted to: HIS SUPER COOL DIGITAL WATCH THAT GLOWS IN THE DARK! ..perv

Zapdos is often considered to be the coolest of the three birds by pre-puberty, girly-voiced, complete utter fucking moron noobs, due to Zapdos having spiky wings. These are the type of people that believe 'Thunder' is a better more than 'Ariel Ace', because Pikachu uses the first sometimes and it sounds cool to them. Please kill anybody like this if you get the chance.



Moltres is a legendary Fire pokemon from the hot land of Fire Island. He is famous for his karaoke bar singing, bad luck with girls, outlandishly bright plumage, the strange chirping sounds he makes, and strangely cheery temperament.

Sadly, no Moltres have been seen since James joined Team Rocket. We are unsure as to why this phenomenon is. To the left you can see the last remaining picture of Moltres in it's Natural Habitat.

In fact, Moltres is a version of Mozilla Firefox!!! shhhhhhhhhhh... This is a top secret of Mozilla Corporation!!!



This is the Legendary Pokemon who causes BSOD in Windows!!!