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The modern forums all have something in common, the perverted 12 year old boy seeking out pictures of decidedly older women. They often seek pictures of seksi or, in other cases, shmexy women.

They youngin's often proclaim that they are mature enough to handle a 100 percent American Woman. But, considering their brains have yet to exist, it is easy to believe that they have already made love to their underwear and could handle nothing more than a Canadian Anal Princess.

Origins of the phrase[edit]

Pics plz is a contraction of "I am horny, please give me pornography". It is commonly used on childrens forums such as Gaia Online, and Neopets. Often times these pre-pubescent children store their pictures of naked 11 year olds in the computers of their church leaders, school teachers, and local government officals.

How to fight it[edit]

To properly fight "pics plz", you must send the offender a picture of a hairy faced wolf-man, and engage him/her in a homosexual conversation.

Proper Reception[edit]

Etiquette dictates that, once the "pics plz" request is fulfilled, the beneficiary of the "seksi pics" must respond with the phrase "thx." This indicates the termination of the relationship between sender and sendee (though not necessarily the relationship between sendee and seksi pics).