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~ Pokemon Kid on Pikachu seizure

“Hmm. Pikachu seizure? Sounds like a challenge. Hmm, flashing lights. Nope. An optical ollusion? Nahh. BUT WHAT'S THIS?! Oh god, it's a continuous loop of MEATSPIN!! OH CRAP!! AAAAAAARRRRG!! EPI EPILEP... AHH!!! ”

~ That damn 34-year old guy who watches pokemon even though he's 34 and hates shock sites on Pikachu Seizure - banned version
The cause...

A psychodelic technology perfected by the Japanese shadow government in the late 1990s.

Though the "Pikachu Seizure Effect" is often thought to come from the name of a Pokémon character, the opposite is in fact true. Discovered by Denmark's Nation Television Laboratory in 1986, perkh atchoo zeezoor, in Danish, means "Happy Fun Good Time." The term was adopted by Japanese scientists seeking a way to fuse Squid and rock Candy into the Bose-Einstein condensate required to power the DoKoMo space laser, which was intended to extend the capacity of text messaging as well as vaporize political opponents--a happy fun good time, indeed.

The mentally debilitating consequences often attributed to perkh atchoo zeezoor are a side effect of quantum distortions in the BTE (broadcast-television-elf) field, producing a noticeable flickering. It is actually, however, the sixth dimensional squid Funk, and not the flashing lights, that causes small children to roll all over the ground like great drooling gits.

The CENSORED version[edit]

The censored version of this episode, made intentionally by the Nintendorks for some sort of sick pleasure, was not intended to be aired, however some bastard spilt coffee on the "big machine that makes all the episodes go on TV" and accidentally put the episode on the air. The episode featured looping images of Meatspin (for the love of god it will make your eyes burn), images of kittens getting huffed, and some Oscar Wilde quotes that -prepare yourself- WEREN'T FUNNY. -has seizure- OH GOD!! IT BURNSSSS!!!

Seizure.gif Optical2.jpg

SwimCon may cause seizures!!!



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