Pimp my cow

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Pimp My Cow

Pimp my cow is a altarnative on pimp my ride and is maked up by the bitch ass farmers in Noord-Deurningen The farmers put the ugliest looking cow and take it away from the group. Then they can work on it. It works like pimp my ride only than on a cow. They spray painted the cow in a cool color and put bumpers on it. Then they can work on the rims of the cow or the hoofs they get pimpt too they get cool diamonds on them. Then its time to look at the intirieur of the cow they put a cool lether jacket on it. Sometimes they expand the stomakes to 12 for a better performance. Its a very serious hobby in Noord-Deurningen they do it twice a week. If you want to see it sometime you must come to Noord-Deurningen.

Greetings The farmers