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The pine cone tree (Pinus kaboom) is one of the most dangerous trees known to exist. Its pine cones work as natural grenades. Often, pine cone trees turn golf courses into war zones. The aroma of the pine cone tree lures unsuspecting prey into its grasp; where upon the prey will likely trigger a pine cone to explode, providing food for the pine cone tree.


The pine cone tree is a derivative of the pine-sol sphere shrub, which happens to be a derivative of the lattice. The pine cone tree happens to resemble many other trees in appearance. What distinguishes the pine cone tree from other trees are the pine cones they drop and should a pine cone tree get hurt or scream, it smells like pine.


The pine cones were always known to be deadly, but wasn't first used as a weapon until shortly before the start of the second world war II. It wasn't until 2996 that the pine cones and pine cone trees were successfully utilized to make medicine without blowing up the researchers and doctors.

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