Ping Pong Jail

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The Ping Pong Jail is located underground in Flint, Michigan. It's not the best place in the world but it is not the worst place either. All normal cells contain 2 Beds and a Metal Toilet.

These are the rules of the Jail:

  1. You shall wear Blue Jeans
  2. You shall wear a Denim Shirt
  3. You shall clean your cell everyday
  4. You are not a Vegetarian while you are here
  5. You will eat Meat or get a longer sentence
  6. No Smoking
  7. No Swearing
  8. All Religious books permitted (unless Islamic or satanic)
  9. No flushing food in the Toilet
  10. No trading Meat for Non-Meat items
  11. You will not complain about the food
  12. all inmates must vote for the Warden every year
  13. well that number is unlucky so no rule is a 13th rule
  14. all inmates who misbehave will clean toilets with their own Tooth Brushes
  15. Inmates will still use same Tooth Brushes to Brush Teeth
  16. Crying and Complaining is not allowed
  17. Inmates will be required to salute the President of The United States, the Governor of Michigan, and the Mayor of Flint.
  18. No one in the Jail has Diplomatic Immunity so if Hugo Chavez lands here the rules of the Jail will apply to him
  19. Anyone who tries escaping will be eaten by Sharks
  20. Yes we do have Sharks at this Prison ready to eat anyone who tries to Escape, so you better not dare to Escape.