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Pinoy Big Brother
Double Up (2009)
Name Entry Exit      
Kath Day 0  Still inside   
Melisa Day 0  Winner   
Jason Day 0  2nd   
Rica Day 0  3rd   
Delio Day 0  4th   
Rob Day 0  Day 499   
Hermes Day 0  Day 422   
Paul Jake Day 0  Day 405   
Johan Day 0  Day 405   
Mohammed Day 0  Day 405   
Cathy Day 0  Day 366   
Sam Day 298  Day 319   
Patrick Day 0  Day 280   
Jimson Day 0  Day 257   
Najha Day 0  Day 193   
Yhel Day 0  Day 146   
Carol Day 0  Day 120   
Mariel Day 112  Day 113   
Yuri Day 0  Day 104   
Tom Day 0  Day 9   
Princess Day 0  Day 8   
Kenny Day 0  Day 5   
Toffi Day 0  Day 5   
JM Day 0  Day 5   
JP Day 0  Day 5   
Rocky Day 0  Day 1   
Voluntary Exit
Forced Eviction
Head of Household

Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up is the 3rd of the original edition of the Big Brother in Philippines. The title double up may refer to "Kuya"'s twists... 2 houses, 2 group of housemates, 2 ways to vote, 2 imported blonde houseguests with 2 big tits on 1 one of them. Sometimes Big Brother speaks speaks double double but but the the prize money hasn't doubled. EPIC FAIL.

It is hosted by Toni Gonzagger, Mariel Rodriguez and Bilanka Gonzales a.k.a. The 3 baby prostitutes. As Big Brother is evil in some countries, this edition actually lets the housemates give money to charity. Yeah. Beat that UK Edition.

House Theme[edit]

  • In House A, the theme is porn. Walls are filled with naked pictures of Pamela Anderson. This house has one bedroom (called X-rated bedroom), one bathroom, where Kuya enjoys the pleasure of the housemates showering with each other.
  • In House B, the theme is also porn, but with pictures of Borat. Interestingly, most of the housemates prefer to stay in this house. It has a jacuzzi, swimming pool, a dancing pole, a private bedroom for two, a sauna (yes, they're allowed naked! Unlike in Finland!), pretty much everything you'll see in a brothel.

Later in the series, House A and House B emerged, creating House AB. The housemates left there are totally abnormal, so it seems more of a psychiatric hospital.


Housemates were randomly selected from the Philippine phonebook. KUYA ISN'T LOOKING FOR GOOD LOOKING HOUSEMATES AH! NOH NOH NOH!

  • Princess, a Japayuki from Japan. She was born a loser not to face humiliation after being automatically nominated by Kuya because she forgot to take off her bra.
  • Tom, is a singer from Zambia, Africa. He was so good at being a sportsman that he managed to punch a whole in Kuya's cheap wall. He is now a hardcore pornstar.
  • Delio, is a mixologist who plans to be the next Big Brother. He calls himself Mr. Know-It-All. I know right?
  • Paul Jake, is a balut vendor from Tondo. He is the poorest housemate in the house. And when he first came in, he only brought a cheap belt. For multifunctions, one is to possibly spank any gaybos he meets.
  • Jason, is a posh schoolboy. He hooks up with a total hottie in the house. Apparently, he has OCD. Must explain his serious, hardworking attitude.
  • Melisa, possibly the HOTTEST housemate evaaa!!!!!!!!!! She hooks up with Jason and apparently had sex with him in a jacuzzi on Day 1. AMBRIKINDIK is her widely known phrase, which she probably got from her ancestor of monkeys. She will win the show. No, she won it... WTF is it over already?.
  • Carol, is a vampire from Transylvania. She bit, then lured into sex, 8 boys inside during her ever lasting stay. She is also the youngest housemate, and surprisingly a teacher. It is reported that she had cried out 886,374,000 gallons of tears during her stay.
  • Yhel, is a Jewish mother from Israel who was such a slut that she got pregnant at 14 and giving birth to her first baby girl at 15. Also, she couldn't care less to shut her beak which resulted in her forced eviction. EPIC FAIL.
  • Yuri, is another Japanese from Brazil. She was voted as the most hated loved housemate for her famous line, "ATTACK ME CAROL! ATTACK ME BITCH!"
  • Mariel is the sluttiest of the sluttiest sluts in the house. Her job is to pleasure the boys, 24/7.
  • Johan, is a sex-mad Midget from France.
  • Cathy, is probably the biggest bitch in the house. She got transported by aliens to Big Brother Mars and was kidnapped. Unbeknownst to the housemates, Cathy is actually an alien in disguise. The real Cathy is in Mars with her Martian husbands. Yes that was plural.
  • Mohammed, is an Islamic Extremist from Baghdad, Iraq, he was known for refusing to eat a rat pie during a task because he was fasting, for showing his circumcised penis to the cameras in the shower and for threatening to bomb up the house.
  • Hermes, is a gigolo from Turkey. He fucks everyone, seriously, even his sister.
  • Najha, Is an Arabic Muslim woman who wears a Niqab all the time, even when she is in the shower!
  • Kath & Jimson, are the hottest Spanish couple from Spain. Jimson has recently published a book, "My Experiences: The Guide to a Perfect Marriage". Kath is still inside the house not knowing that the whole series is actually over. During her stay, she showed how much of a slut she was by hooking up with a married man.
  • Rob, is an Austrian from Austria... duh. He revealed after his stay in the house, that he is actually a committed homosexual. Great.
  • Patrick, is a former member of the Ku Klux Klan, he burnt over 4,566 crosses during his stay in the house, he was also known for arguing with fellow housemates JM, JP, Yhel, Mohammed, Tom and Najha because of their backgrounds and threatened to chop their heads off.
  • Rica, is a tranny from India. She turned out to be a real man, tricking the female housemates into letting her see their tits and vaginas. S/he will star in a porn movie with fellow fuckmate, Annina.
  • Rocky, is a gay model from Italy. He is dating a shemale who's double his age. Uhh... yeah... he left... sorry gays.
  • Sam, is a 66 year-old technician. She is also a tech geek, book worm, and possibly the only girl in the house who ISN'T a slut.
  • Toffi & Kenny, are siamese twins from Pluto. There are actually 3 of them, Toffi, Kenny, and Toffifi.
  • JM & JP, are playas, hence their names, JM = Just messin', JP = Just playin', with their wives. They don't mind! Go for them!


For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Pinoy Big Brother.
  • K├Ątlin, supported housemate Cathy from Mars. She is another slut you'll find in brothels.
  • Annina, is a pornstar. Also called "Super T" (Super Tits), got the boys to shut up for a few seconds by staring at her Super T's. Great job Annina. She requested for her next erotic movie to work with Rica.
  • Harish, is a knocked up Indian housemate who had nothing better to do than fuck with the housemates' minds and piss them off. He taught Melisa to lap dance. Good job Harish.
  • Dengue, as a result of Jason and Melisa's "one night stand" during Day 1, Dengue was conceived from Jason's rectum.

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Who is Kuya?[edit]

Many fans have been wondering who the fuck is this super robot who watches the housmates' every move, from sleeping, shaving, showering. That lucky bastard. Soms speculations include: