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Pipkin or Gustavus Anderssonus[edit]

Pipkin is one of the many species living in the great kingdom of Drakens Öga.

History of Pipkin[edit]

In the year 2002 Pipkin found his way to the kingdom of Drakens Öga. This was the big turning point in his life. From beeing a small mindless carnivore he was now brought up by the members of parlament in Drakens Öga to become the finest creature of them all, one of the gamers. But, something went wrong, on his aging process a small meteor struck at the site where Pipkins maturing egg was situated, and by doing so, Pipkin got influenced by the meteors strange powers. This made him turn into the biggest contradiction in the world, as we know him today. First, we just saw him as the small creature with military-pants, roaming around at conventions. Then, his hair started to grow in strange ways and the Emperor of Drakens Öga, Japan-Jens started to worry. He had never before seen a creature grow in such a strange way. Therefore, he decided that Pipkin would be locked in the great dungeon of NärCon with only broomsticks to talk to. Pipkin started to get really strange, called himself the security-boss over NärCon and tried to hit anyone he could get with his broomstick. It has also come to our known that he uses drugs as Power king and Chese dippers to keep his mind running the way it does.

After a couple of years, in the year 2005 the court of Drakens Öga decided that something had to be done about Pipkin. Maybe they could use him in a way that would be useful to the Kingdom? So, they released him, (now he was looking as the Pipkin the know today), and told him to clean the whole kingdom with his broomstick for just an orange every week as his salary. Pipkin, as he is the biggest contradiction of all, accepted these terms and have been cleaning the kingdom since.