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Nobody knows if piranhas even ever existed, so this may very well all be lies. Who knows? There are usually two species of piranah, the red bellied and the slightly off-red bellied. The latter is much more dangerous.

Red Bellied Piranha Diet, Behavior, etc.[edit]

The red bellied piranha is a peaceful herbivorous marsupial native to Madagascar and Taiwan. Being strict herbivores, they travel in mass shoals eating vegetation. Sometimes, when plants are scarce, they develope wings and fly off to another waterway. When they arrive the wings drop off and they continue with their lives.

Off-Red Bellied Piranha Diet, Behavior, etc.[edit]

The Off-red bellied piranah is a tiny, solitary fish about the size of a hippotumus. They travel in schools of upwards of 90 individuals. They use their giant canine teeth to pluck bits of algae off of stones. If they mistakenly catch a fish or shrimp, they usually combust and incinerate.

The Friendly Piranha
An average piranha
Common name: Piranha, Hopping Tetra, Cuddlefish
Latin Name: Tetrachompus Sharptoothusis

Lower Risk, Critically Endangered, Extinct