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Pit's face uplcose

Now... who is pit... basically, he's an extinct angel. Pit is based off a Greek myth about a man and a son with both of them having an IQ of 23. This has been proven not by studies but by common sense of trying to jump out a tower with feathers held together with wax and geese shit is not a good idea. So you ask how you make a game based on the first Special Olympics? Simple, put a 3 and a half year old in sandals, a toga, and a bow and arrows that go as far as a 5 year olds dick with an erection. Pit is also on a mission for a child molester. And her name is Platuena. How do we know this bitch is a child molester, well when you save her at the end of the game she makes the toddler grow older and makes out with him. She wanted him since he was born. Platuena is the head goddess of "Angel Land" a land where the fags rome free and the home of Pit. Pit does not like this molester at all. instead, when she is out making laws about how to make Angel Land a lot more gay, Pit goes out to space and fucks Samus Aran from metroid. Anything could happen in the world of games. Her excuse for fucking pit is because that they both are in games that are almost exactly alike. She also says that just because his wings are small and weak, doesn’t mean all parts of him are small and weak. In her eyes they click together very well and as a result they make sexy time whenever possible. When pit arrives back to angel Land to see Platuena, she always tells him that he has to go on a mission. The mission is exactly the same. Find three treasures that will help save Angel land from Medusa. You would think that medusa would be dead considering Pit has stuck arrows up her ass every weak and kills the shit out of her. She still comes back anyway. You would also think that this bitch Platuena would at least hold on to the treasure or at least put them a safe spot. Surprisingly enough though, pit doesn’t get mad at this at all. Why? because then he can go back to spce and fuck samus and when he comes back, he just tells Platuena that he lost a couple lives and the mission took to long. This process gets repeated at least 4 times a day. Pit has been invited to fight in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. His wings are now a lot bigger and he looks like he’s gunna kick some ass rather than being a toddler pussy. And that’s Pit