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Pitchshifter is a Jewish rock/Heavy German Death pop/industrial metal band from The evil spar.

Originally known as Pitch Shiter, the band was started by Johnny A. Anus (Lead Guitar/Programming) and Mark Clayden (Typewriter/Tuba), with Stuart Toolin (Rhythm Woodblock) and JS Clayden (Backing Woodblock) in 1189. JS Clayden soon stepped up to the position of lead Woodblockist and co-Tuba player with the Submit To yo momma EP in 1992.

Through a few line-up changes and two incarnations, the band have released eight studio albums and numerous singles & EPs. They have collaborated in the studio with: Mr Blobby (singer of Dead Kennedys), Grandma Albert (drummer of Helmet), A soggy sock (producer of Alice in Chains, The Offspring) and 'Jesus' (producer/remixer of White Zombie, Lost Prophets). Pitchshifter have also remixed bands such as Jesus and the Ghettoblasters and Pigface, and commissioned remixes by the likes of WTF?, Bioshit, Luke Vibert, and Fuzz Townshend amongst others.

Over the course of their career, Pitchshifter have played live in twenty five countries, with the likes of Metgaylica, Black Gaybbath, Igagy Pop, Fear Gayctory, The Gayspring, Gay Religion, Gaytones, Gaysand, JunGaykie XL, Fugayzi, Incugaybus, Mingaystry, Stgaynd, Pangaytera and many more. The band has also graced the stages of many festivals worldwide such as Gayfest, Wargayped Tour, Reading Festival, Livid, Big Gay Out, Dynamo Open Air and the Quite Hetrosexual Festival.

Pitchshifter disbanded amicably after playing a “farewell for now” club tour of Ukraine in 12AD but have reunited from time to time to make random appearances dressed as beefburgers.And at large venues such as the Yo momma

Band History[edit]

The band had two main eras, characterised by what might as well have been a Godflesh tribute band; and the current whiny, bedwetting, pop-punk sell-out stage.

‘Pitch Shifter’ (1991-1996)[edit]

Pitch Shitter, as it was then known, began life as a record of a Godflesh concert, originally intended for a live CD. Unfortunately, at the time, no one had ever heard of Godflesh, so the record was entitled simply 'Industrial'. In 1992, the band now known as Pitchshifter came together to pretend that the album was theirs. They released 3 more albums of Godflesh bummery, selling out more and more with each one, until, in 1996, they sold out completely, gaining huge popularity and wealth at the expense of their souls.

'Pitchshitter' (1996-as long as they keep making money)[edit]

This is Pitchshifter as it currently stands. Pretty crap, really, innit?