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“Plan the operating system... Plan the... Plan the B... Be the... PLAN THE B THE OPERATING SYSTEM! Holy shit I never thought of that!”

~ Oscar Wilde on Plan B (operating system)

Why Plan B Needed the Upgrade[edit]

Plan B has been a popular alternative for many nations to resolving world hunger and poverty after moves to feed the poor to the hungry where vetoed by Russia in the UN.

Plan B was a great idea. Really, the second coming of the messiah is on all good Christian wish lists (First coming for Jews and Atheists) however in our digital world of today we simply can't look past what technology has to offer. Why waste all your mana and level up points on the messiah trait when you can just program one for your self. This was the birth of the Plan B (operating system).

How it Works[edit]

The Plan B (operating system) works on a unique set of principles, a key one of those being unshaken faith. The others are patience, love and understanding. The idea behind the project was only made possible when a group of German scientists found a startling breakthrough. The concept came about when it was discovered that Faith Waves can pass through our dimension whilst bent on a bi-lateral axis in relation to the tangent to the curve. Placed simply if scientists are able to harness this energy as it passes through our dimension they can convert it into actual matter, thus allowing the physical manifestation of faith.

Plan B (operating system).JPG

Faith waves, which are created by your good will in the working of the operating system enter the modified satellite dish. They are then converted into machine code which is then translated into building instructions. These then pass to the production bay. The production bay then builds, piece by piece Plan B which consequently rolls out the side, ready for action.

Environmental Concerns[edit]

During the collection of the Faith waves, it is possible that the Plan B (operating system) could cause a rupture in the wall of space time. In which case several emergency measures have been developed, however untested.

The Plug: It is believed if we can cause a hole in the wall of space time by physical means it is possible to resolve it by physical means. By the placing of a large wooden cork in the hole generated by the operating system it may be possible to hold the rupture long enough to develop a more permanent solution to Armageddon.

Faith: It may be possible to reverse engineer the system in which Faith waves can be sent back through the rupture and in essence reverse time. One argument against this however is reversing time will only cause what has just been reversed to repeat its self. Procrastinators state this is another issue which should be viewed at the moment of reversal and not discussed as philosophical dribble now.

Plan B: If Plan B is created before the rupture occurs it could be used to seal the rupture, however a feat of this magnitude would require a great deal of mana which would

have to be harnessed else where. Possible locations have been Middle Earth, The Matrix and Oscar Wilde's Imagination.

A gorilla used in previous environmental concerns

Plan C: It may be possible to rectify the rupture in the wall of space time from making plan B with a Plan C. So far basic tests have proven successful with the implementation of Gorillas into environments to solve the problems of wild sheep which were originally used to eat wild grass. If this theory can be used to solve a rupture in the wall of space time, scientists will no longer have to consider the environmental concerns of the project.

Those are not Simple Plans.

Only a Matter of Time[edit]

With preliminary tests completed and belief in Plan C in case of an emergency it will only be a matter of time untill the general public will be able to reap the benefits of Plan B. Without the use of this unique and Relatively Safe operating system who knows how long we would have had to wait till the messiah turned up to save us. (For the second time for some religions only).

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