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A drunk artist's impression of what Planet Google will look like
Planet Google Research Facility (with beta gPlanet 3.02b ready for testing)

“That's no moon!”

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For historical data about what Planet Google used to be like, see Mars.

Some say in planet "Google" it is illegal not to use google chrome.

Planet Google or Google World is the new name of Mars, since it was taken over by Google, inc. on the 10th of March 2006. It was sold by the previous Martian owners for the entire US Economy (17 cents [as part of a bid with saw the ITV Website lose out on their bet on 4 pence).

On the date in question, the planet Mars disappeared from the solar system, at the same time as Google announced its plans to repaint and rebrand the planet, and bring Google's patented simple efficiency to a once dull and boring place that practically nobody wanted to go to. Days later, Planet Google was launched, though not without some controversy.It is meant to be a Google times more normal than Mars. (See below)

About Planet Google[edit]

In a press statement, Google founders Larry Brin and Sergey Page had this to say about Planet Google -

“Yes, Planet Google is another planet. But it's different in lots of ways, starting with a philosophy: that planets can be made simpler, more efficient and more fun. When transforming Mars into Planet Google, we looked at the frustrations people were having with Earth, and worked to eliminate those from Planet Google. The result is something that's faster, cleaner, and more intuitive. For example, Planet Google automatically groups friends and relatives' gHouses into a neighborhood, so you never have far to travel to meet people you know. ”

~ Larry Brin and Sergey Page on Planet Google

Not in a press statement, Oscar Wilde had this to say about Planet Google -

“I personally think that it would have benefited more from a more original name, such as Saturn”

~ Oscar Wilde on Planet Google

Steve Ballmer was unavailable for comment.

Nobody knows exactly what Planet Google will be like, however the best guess can be seen in the artist's impression above. Google is likely to generate gigantic gas clouds in the colors of their logo, but how this will affect life on the planet remains to be seen. Perhaps living under the multicolor sky will be like being under the influence of some sort of drug, a convenient distraction from the influence of the nanobots.

It is possible that Planet Google will be built using a modified version of the Google Earth software.

The real estate tycoon Donald Trump has already announced his decision to build a hotel/Casino on Planet Google.


This looks like it might be a gHouse. Those 2800 acres could be hidden in a long corridor extending from the back of its small door.

Along with Planet Google, they have also introduced gHouses, a revolutionary way of living. gHouses are completely free, and come with 2859 Acres of land (and counting), so you never have to throw anything away. It's not so simple to get a gHouse however; each person with a gHouse has a certain number of invites they can send to friends, and getting an invite is the only way you can join. This ensures that the entire planet will be populated by a single uber-clique, so Planet Googlers will never have to put up with annoying losers again. If losers happen to scrounge an invite from someone, gHouses' built-in loser filter will automatically sort their house into slums far away from cool inhabitants.

So far, Oscar Wilde is the only person known to have a gHouse. It isn't known if he has sent out any invites yet, or indeed if he is ever going to send any out. It is also rumoured that you may Ask Cthulhu for an invite.


Planet Earth according to Google

On Planet Google, Google will reign supreme as the sole government, and all citizens will require a compulsory injection of nanobots. This will allow Google to collect a mammoth amount of valuable consumer information, giving their government a hefty surplus. Hence, living on Planet Google will be completely tax-free!

Google will also use these nanobots to deliver targeted advertising directly into people's heads. Google dismissed privacy concerns, saying, "This can only be a good thing, now you'll know exactly what you want to buy before you even know you want it!". Many men have expressed concern over the penis enlargement advertisements which will likely appear every time they go to the toilet. Google is expected to make the vast majority of its advertising revenue from the adult industry.

Another way that google could use these nanobots is to make evil clones of people on planet google and send them to Earth to wipe us all out. Once again, Google denies this, saying "You can make money without being evil.".


Planet Google Search™ is another drawcard of life on Planet Google. Have you ever lost your remote controls? How about your dog or your sanity or your will to live? Now with Planet Google Search™, these Earthly predicaments will supposedly be a thing of the past. According to Google, you will be able to search and find what you are looking for almost instantly. However, Uncyclopedia suspects that people will be bombarded with advertisements as usual whenever they make a search. According to Google's We Know Better Than Anyone calculations, an average individual searching for their dog is statistically most likely to be desperate to purchase twelve bags of dog biscuits and move to Brazil.

Initiating a Planet Google Search™ will be as easy as confessing to the nanobots that you have lost something. In fact, no confession is needed at all, as the nanobots are smart enough to know whatever you are thinking and will be thinking due to Google's advanced programming. Once they have stopped sparking with gIggles, they will send the results to your gToaster in your preferred format; printed on either gPoptarts or gCrumpets.


Uncyclopedians the world over were outraged at Google's latest venture, because it appears that Uncyclopedia's Mars base, once a major hub of activity for Martian Uncyclopedians, has been removed from the surface of mars.

This is just the latest in Google's campaign of Censorship of Uncyclopedia. Google made no official comment, but one anonymous Google employee was quoted as saying, "We're going to Fucking Kill™ Uncyclopedia! This is the sixth time we are going to do so and we are becoming exceedingly efficient at it."

More Controversy[edit]

Google recently went to the Solar system's Court of Justice over the scandal of deleting the Uncyclopedia main page from its popular search engine. Google just said "I just wanna listen to Good Charlotte right now and get out of this courtroom".

Yet even more Controversey[edit]

Some people apparently died that worked at Planet Google in 2007 after a suspicious mass desepration which included Martians. Google researched the situation and their homepage included a new logo with sees the Google logo as a geoglyph with graffiti under it reading "Ryan wuz ere!", and a donation (HA!) message reading "Give us your money so we can sent it aboard Beagle 2. Wait, has that one already happened? The blur one? What one am i thinking of? The what?..." continuing into a conversation on what the Mars probe is named theyll send up there. Major news outbroke and Google replaced all of it's internet pages with sites which give them the money. The biggest controversey arose when they kept the money for themselfs and claimed that everyone who complained should "be sent to bed listening to Western-European Justin Bieber parodies and eating 7 Peperami Firesticks", seeing if this would flare their behaviour in the opposite direction"

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