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The known universe, as it revolves around Vegeta.

Vegeta has just been recently discovered by Scientology specialists to be the original Earth. All of the other planets were considered & named Inferior, and as such even the sun became Inferior. There was no confusion on planet names, because there were only 2 names to go by: Vegeta and Inferior. Either you were on Vegeta or you were Inferior. The planet existed before time, and when time began, Vegeta and the Inferior Planets vanished. They were replaced by the Milky Way galaxy we know today, which in essence states that everything is a ripoff of Vegeta.

Vegeta and Inferior[edit]

Inferior: (In-feer-ee-ee-more-Es-ee-ee-ee-er)

  1. Everything and one in existence except Vegeta, Goku and Captain Falcon.
  2. Lower in station, rank, degree, or grade to Vegeta.
  3. Of comparatively low grade; poor in quality; substandard with Vegeta being the standard.
  4. Less important, valuable, or worthy than Vegeta.
  5. Astronomy. Lying below the horizon of Planet Vegeta: the inferior part of a meridian, or any other spacial entity that is not Planet Vegeta.

Vegeta Ripoffs? Total Vegeta Ripoff[edit]

A Croatian spice mix, which is a blatant Vegeta ripoff. It has unusually good flavor, and Vegetists believe that is the essence of the one true god whose name is Vegeta.

How many things are a ripoff of Vegeta? Let's count:

  1. Earth? Vegeta ripoff.
  2. Raditz? Vegeta ripoff.
  3. Nappa? Vegeta ripoff.
  4. Goku? Hated.
  5. Gundam? Vegeta ripoff.
  6. Sonic? Vegeta ripoff.
  7. Yahoo? Google ripoff.
  8. Google? Vegeta's power level ripoff.
  9. Pirates? Vegeta ripoff.
  10. Angst? Vegeta ripoff.
  11. Kakarot? Vegeta Worshipper.
  12. Prince Vegeta? Obvious Vegeta ripoff.
  13. Super Vegeta? Obvious Vegeta ripoff, only SUPERSIZED!
  14. Majin Vegeta? Vegeta ripoff, but made with real Vegeta ripoffs!
  15. Hiei? Vegeta Ripoff
  16. Sasuke? Vegeta Ripoff.
  17. An apple a day? Keeps the Doctor away.
  18. Broly? The only guy -ever- to make Prince Vegeta cry like a little girl.
  19. Creation of the Universe? Big Bang Attack Ripoff.