Planet of the Apes: The Untold Story

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Planet of the Apes: The Untold Story was a sci-fi thriller performed by wandering minstrals during the Middle Ages. It was never shown on the TV series Planet of the Apes, although one commercial looked just like it.

After the War of the worlds, people began to settle down and wanted media entertainment. This lead to a surge in movies, and resulted with the exposure of "The Planet of the Apes" (based largly on the continent of Africa).

The War Years[edit]

White people everywhere made a mockery of the concept of Apes having their own planet. This lead to whites invading South Africa! In a turn of events, one of the female apes fell in love with the alpha white male. This lead to a half-ape half-man love child that lived for only two weeks, and died in great agony. Their love did not prevail and the alpha male (aka Hitler) decided to fight in africa with his new Homer-sexual lover Rommel. Rommel killed many apes and men alike, and ruined the apes' economy.

This resulted in warlord apes periodically rising to power, after enslaving their own people to work in diamond mines. These blood diamonds, so called by the ape Kayne West, bring great joy to everyone - except the apes. The blood diamonds are in great demand everywhere - including Burger King and Mcdonalds kids meals.

Modern Day Reprecussions[edit]

All in all the apes have a had a rough time; but have had a easier time than their long-nose friends, who had spent time in Africa, during the beginning of time. Apes are now referred to with names that are considered rascist: such as 'blacks', 'negroes', or 'African-Americans'. This offends them; and they much prefer 'Ape', or 'chocolate-skin'.