Planned Parenthood

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Planned Parenthood is the name of two entirely separate groups.

The Support Group[edit]

Planned Parenthood (before 1964 Klanned Parenthood) the support group was formed in 1963 by a the Ku Klux Klan[1], who were committed to the task of talking other people out of having children.. PP associates would rent their children out to others, and after a week or so they'd usually resolve to never get pregnant again. As a result of PP campaigns, condom sales skyrocketed and the population plummeted. Now, only those who are both rich and stupid tend to have many children. See Hollywood and the Red States.

The Company[edit]

Planned Parenthood™ the company is a subdivision of the Soylent Corporation. PP™ consists of a chain of conveniently located facilities dedicated to the acquisition of fetuses, the main ingredient of Soylent Fetus, the world's number one best selling food for the poor.

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“I say, Soylent Fetus is far more tasty than Soylent Green !”

~ Tamia