Please don't eat it

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"Seriously, you don't want any of that shit man." is a quote attributed to Winston Churchill.

Hitler however disputes this fact and claims the quote for his own. He is said to have said "YZis qvote is mein, not zyours, mann.", but others dispute this and say it is Winston Churchill who in fact made this claim, while debating the goldfish of Candrenna.

Who then, is said to have said "Please don't eat it"? Professor Roy Falsetto of the University of Brussels had made an extensive historical analysis and concluded that he didn't even want to know in the first place.

Doctor Darla Darling claims it was Winston Churchill, but Adolf alleges that Churchill bribed her.

French scholars claimed Charles de Gaulle said this in 1944, while retreating in the Battle of the Bulge. These scholars were however immediately locked away and sodomized by Charles de Gaulle himself.

Digging up yellow ice cores in Greenland, Lord Axbury of Havenstake was amazed, finding clear evidence that yellow snow has always been in the global weather patterns and that the real person who said this in fact had been Mr. Bean.