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Lawrence Welk, folks. Isn't he inimitable? But to continue such great programming, we need your support.

That Victor Borge, he's a funny one!

That's why you should call our pledge line right now! We have people standing by to take your call.

Why you should pledge[edit]

We are a network of quality programming- the "Learn Piano with Ease" and "Monkees Comeback Concert" tapes we've been showing over and over again certainly are proof of that.

Tell me this isn't worth 1000 dollars.

And aren't you glad we show programming like this with absolutely no commercials? Pledge drive, which is essentially a 2 week commercial to make up for that advertisement-free month we just had, helps continue our dedication to quality. Just call 1-800-GIVE-PBS, and we can take your donation so we can keep showing "Antique Detectives." And isn't that important?

Wonderful Gifts[edit]

Of course, expecting you to simply pledge 200 dollars with no reward is just silly. Wouldn't you feel much better if you donated 200 dollars and had a tote bag to show for it? Now, giving 100 dollars gets you a nice pen, but let's go for gold here and get that tote bag, people.

Our chart to mark our progress. Why are you snickering? It looks like a what?

And, yes, for all you extremely wealthy pseudo-liberals out there, we have prizes of your caliber. If you give 1000 dollars, you will receive a set of 3 vases that look like, somewhere, a glassblower threw up.

Our goals[edit]

To keep the station on the air, we need 50000 dollars in 2 weeks. For a popular station, this would be an issue, but this is PBS. To measure our progress, we've installed this cute chart, shaped like a thermometer, that will keep you up to date on the amount we've made so far. After all, nothing is more satisfying than seeing your donation turned into a minuscule line made by a red marker! Also, we've heard from several people that our chart looks like a piece of the male anatomy, but that's just silly.

Scheduled Programs[edit]

Now, you can't sit here and watch me tell you how much the station needs money 24-7, so we will have some programs to fill in the gaps. Along with the aforementioned Piano Lesson and Monkee Concerts, we've got a marathon of "Antiques Roadshow" and some crap made by Ken Burns about trains or something. Anyway, stay tuned, because PBS needs you! Don't touch that dial. Please. Please?