Pledge of Aggrievance

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"I pledge aggrievance, to the frags, of the United Spades of Amerika, and to the Republicans, for which there's Stan, one nation, Underdog, invisible, taking liberties, and for great justice, move every zig, for all!"

This is the statement, memorized by thousands of school children all over the windswept steppes of America. Shouted loudly by Elementary kids, and mumbled incoherently by hung-over teachers, these stirring words mean just as much today, as when Samuel Adams wrote them, like, a long time ago. Originally, the Pledge did not include the phrase "Underdog". It was not until the premiere of that cartoon series that it was added. The Knights of Columbus and other cartoon fans pressured Congress to add the words out of respect for the adventures of the superpowered canine.

In recent years "Underdog" has come under attack by whiny little bitches who don't like Underdog. The Supreme Court ruled 6-3 in the landmark case Whiny Bitches v. Underdog that the aforementioned whiny bitches should "Shut the fuck up!"