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As you can see, small updates can really make things look a lot less crappy.

“In Soviet Russia, TWO is 1 plus 1 know YOU!!!”

~ Not-so good Russian Reversal

The term "plus" cannot refer to small, but extremely noticeable updates which can make worthless crap look improved by a lot. You use it to make things big like your dick size.

“I need to plus my size”

~ Some guy with E.D.

Plus good newspeak refs oldspeak "very". Example newspeak plusgood refs oldspeak "very good". Plus minitrue approved doubleplusgood newspeak. Plus with b.b. Plus with IngSoc. Plus unwith thoughtcriminals. Thoughtcrime doubleplusungood.

Plus also doubleplusgood ref religion. Plus refs cross. Cross refs oldspeak "Christianity".

Oldspeak: Plus is a good newspeak word that means "very" in oldspeak. For example, plusgood, a word from newspeak, means "very good" in old speak. Plus is approved by the Ministry of Truth and is with Big Brother and a part of English Socialism. Plus is rarely used by "thought criminals" (those who commit crime by thinking revolutionary thoughts). Thoughtcrime is extremely bad (as shown by the doubleplus before ungood).

Plus is also a good reference to religion. It references the cross from Christianity, because they look similar.