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PM Records was a former record label signing famous rappers such as MC and Chewy. Famous for making diss tracks about homosexuals, school, homosexuals, nerds, and more homosexuals, they're controversial lyrics seemed to offend almost every race, ethnic group, nationality, and individual known to man.


On the brutal streets of Watertown, MA, few make it out alive. Many die of drive-bys, gang fights, or homophobia. Watertown residents, most widely known by their rap alais MC & Chewy, were fed up with the flamboyant homosexuality of the town. In 8th grade, they decided aimed their anger to the paper playa, and completed three albums. This sparked controversay among the gay community. Joe cried, and Jesse hit Aine's dad.


PM stands for porn me. 'Porn me' was created when MC was writing a rap and needed something to rhyme with horny.

Downfall of Porn Me Records[edit]

Towards the end of 8th grade, it seemed as if PM Record's short run at success was coming to an end. MC started listening to rock music, and with already 3 albums under their belt, the two decided to stop making records.