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1. Large, rectangular object made of steel, typically wrapped around a person's waste/waist area in order to avoid possible harm coming to the top of pants. Pocket Protectors cost ten thousand dollars money.

2. A supervillain who masqueraded as a superhero. The so-called "Pocket Protector" advised citizens to be careful with their wallets as pickpocketing had become an epidemic. However, he never made it past his first victim, Miss Yvette Stephenson, who became suspicious of his motives after she volunteered to assist the Pocket Protector with a pickpocketing demonstration. "After he'd had his hand in my pocket for 15 minutes, despite my repeated hints to him that I kept everything in my purse, I became suspicious and embarassingly aroused," said Stephenson. The Pocket Protector was captured later that day thanks to Miss Stephenson and her quick thinking in notifying the authorities. Currently, he is serving time in The Big House and has been issued a uniform with the pockets cut out as a sick joke by some of the guards. Don't laugh! He's really unhappy about it!


Pocket Protecters are considered to be very cool by nerds. If you do not want to be associated with nerds, do not wear Pocket Protecters.Girls think it's super sexy if you have a pocket protector though.