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A typical Pokémon card

Pokémon Trading Cards were introduced in October 1896 as a form of currency for the Japanese and December 1898 for North America[citation needed].


Since decimalisation in 1921, Charizard has been divided into 400 Pikachus.

Prior to decimalisation, Charizard was divided into 100 Bulbasaurs, with each Bulbasaur equal to 17 Pikachus 5 Caterpies and a Mudkip. There were also cards called Venusaurs, worth six Bulbasaurs, and Ivysaurs, worth three Bulbasaurs. At the time of decimalisation, the smallest unit was the Caterpie, although smaller value cards had been minted in years past.

An "Ancient Mew", an obsolete gold colored card, was introduced in the reign of Oak II and was made of gold colored card made from trees. It initially had a value of 200 Charizards, but owing to the fluctuations in the price of card compared to paper, its value rose as high as 500 Charizards before eventually settling at 3 Pikachus.

After Decimal Day, the value of the Charizard remained unchanged, but it was now divided into 400 Pikachus rather than 100 Bulbasaurs. Each decimal Pikachu was therefore worth some value lower than a Caterpie and because of this a new card entitled Weedle was introduced. For a few years following decimalisation the decimal Pikachu was commonly referred to as a Surfing Pikachu. Cards for denominations of Weedles, Caterpies, Pikachus, Electrodes, Mudkips and Pidgeottos all bore the inscription Surfing Pikachu (or Birthday Pikachu depending on if it was your birthday or not). The old Bulbasaur cards were equivalent in value to 5 Weedles, and as such remained valid within the decimal system until the Weedles were phased out in 1980.

Pokémon Trading Card Game[edit]

In 1996 fake Pokémon Trading Cards were made and were used in conjunction with real Pokémon cards in a card game, making use of the random numbers on the cards.

Decks were usually 8 Charizards each and contained 60 fake Pokémon Trading Cards, in 1998 booster packs were introduced at the price of 2 Charizards and 200 Pikachus.

The Legendary Chuck Norris Card [citation needed]

The Legendary Chuck Norris Cards[edit]

In 1899 Chuck Norris Cards were placed in 5 random Norris Chocolate bars, each Chuck Norris card was worth infinite Charizards and when used in the Trading Card game the player will instantly win the current game and all future games he/she plans on playing.

The current Location of these cards are unknown[citation needed].

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