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Stick figures preparing for battle. Note the difficulty that an archer would have of striking down the pikemen.

Poking a stick at something is fun, unless you're on the poking end... Then it usually hurts.

The phrase 'to poke a stick at (something)' refers to a finite amount of something that you can poke with a stick. This amount is usually equal to your mom, however variations are known to exist, due to the differences between the types of sticks that are used all over the world. A Pointed stick is the most common type used globally.

For example, in Australia using a Pointed stick made from a Gum tree can poke up to 13 koalas. In England, however a similar birch twig can run be used to run six badgers through before it becomes unusable. And of course in everybody's favourite hole, America, a twig may be used thousands of times to anally rape faeces.

Vast armies of Stick Figures are partially responsible for the phrase `Poke a stick at', in large part because they ran around poking things, like other armies.