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Warning this article contains copious amounts of TENGEN TOPPA GURREN LAGEN references!!!

“Pokemon cute”

~ Tamia
The effects of Pokemon on the general population is horrendous.

Okay. Welcome, my name is Mr Ass S. Ketchup-Face and today, I will be preaching about... Oh, Fuck, No! Not another Pokemon page! Get the hell out! Only pedophiles watch that now! I recommend that you click here, here, or here, dammit! Oh great, some little kids too?! Click here or here, or else the YouTube slaves will fucking shoot you with the same AR-15 used in the Parkland shooting.

Wait! Who the hell are you?! Get out, you fat weeaboo! Unless you're an admin, because I love the admins. Oh shit! Now I'm getting monitored by admins!

Pokemon is a stupid baby show manufactured by Ainu workers on their minimum wage in Big Tokyo, Japan. It's lifelong goal is to brainwash American youth into becoming racist weeaboos and to make American Society completely dependent on Japan to help destroy the west.

It is the most watched cartoon in the world since 2017 and earns trillions in $$$ annually through merchandise, plushies, game products, and so much more.

The Game Freak corporation and the Capitalist entertainment corps all permanently changed the entire nation of Japan and its culture forever since the ass-splosive swell year of 2017. Weeabooism is now a nation-wide religion and the Emperor of Japan was so shocked and disgusted at what his entire country and its people became, he retired and moved to the Mont Blanc mountains in France, where he currently resides to this day. He's also talked to the French government about protecting Japan from Americanization and cultural degeneration.

(According to Fundies) about the show itself. Pokemon is a satanic show spreading satanic Japenese messages to the American youth, we must fight back, but first you must POWER UP WITH PLUMS!


...or so we're meant to believe...

Pokemon takes place in a Capitalist land where Chinese cock-fighting is a legal, popular, and lucrative sport, and every wanker enjoys it by training neon-colored animals to beat the shit out of each other for their sick amusement - as well as by imprisoning cartoon wieners in small metal spheres (hence the franchise's incredible popularity in Austria and Korea).

Ass, the main character, is kicked out of the house by his abusive republican parents living on food stamps, for sitting around in their mold-filled basement, eating all their Chinese Takeout Chow Mein with Egg Rolls and having huge orgies over YouTube and 12chan all day. So Ass, being the fucking wanker that he is, decides to break into the local poverty-stricken Zoo steal an electric rat, paint it yellow and and use it to win Chinese Cock-fighting contests in the hopes of making enough money for Japan to take over the entire world.

How does he do this? How the fuck should I know? I was eight and was attending some weird homeschool program by my own Far-Right-loving caregivers. But apparently he also foolishly donated money every day towards getting the KKK and USSR to nuke his native Louisiana small town.

One more thing: they call this kid-friendly? Really? I mean, the dialogue is quite tame, no doubt, but THIS? What the hell were the makers of this show thinking?

No, What About the Characters?[edit]

“A talking Charmander wants my credit card? Seems fair.”

~ Ass on the internets

“...and this mentally deficient guy calls himself the dildo master? The villains are friggin' weeaboos, for fuck's sake!”

~ Red on Ash

Ash Ketchcum[edit]

Main article: Ass S. Ketchup
Ash was always hitting the weed before hitting the computer.

Ass S. Ketchup, a disgruntled American weeaboo with a bad spray-on tan who Travels across Texas, mistaking it for Japan's Edo era. One day, Ash decided to become the King of All Weeaboos, and really showed everyone his communist determination by joining the extreme-right-wing groups he learned about on Social Media.

He's THE most loved wapanese-communist in the Entire Fucking World, and the only one that has been caught wearing very short shorts, and is also rumoured to have completed Through the Fire, Helicopters and KKK Marches in Houston on Expert with his hands bloodily stapled to his asshole by Ronald McDonald.

Ash's father is never revealed in the series as he was deported on a Russian ship to Japan and devoured by the outraged Ainu, but unless you've been a retard living in Elmo's World, you've probably noticed the redneck professor Croak who built his pork and plum laboratory peculiarly far away from the nomadic Ass. Ass remains unchanged throughout the series, except for the season or two when his voice actor thought it would be fun to make him sound like he hit puberty while eating sugary toaster pastry. It didn't go well. The other major change occurred during season three when he pretended to be an asexual Pikachu. It was around this time that the original Pikachu actor shot himself after watching a kid kill himself live in a Tide Pod challenge video.

The new Pikachu (played by Ronald M. F. Mother Fucking MacDonald) is currently living on a maximum wage, earning $1,000 a day. He later partnered with Donald Trump to censor nutrition facts from the public in American restaurants and to destroy all American poor citizens' healthcare to help the GOP clan further congregate outside Texas.

Upon leaving home, Ass received an obvious Ipod ripoff created by some Brazilian crackhead, made entirely of Fukushima Nuclear Waste. Like many bootlegged Sony products, it was filled with defects. For example, whenever Ass points the Dildex at a small furry animal, it usually responds by advertising PewDiePie's racist videos, as well as information of how to cook that particular creature. It was a really shitty ripoff as he could never go to the "best sites" on the Internets. And no. It doesn't have anything to say about his power level. Stop asking. Ass received a new Platinum Dildex in episode 666, after his old one exploded into fire when he tried illegally downloading WoW off the internet from Mr. Gravy ..

Now, for all you pokemon fans out there... pokemon arent real. not even in the series. the last episode has already been aired in japan, but they purposely didnt air it in the USA. why? because this is how it goes... Ash Ketchup finally beats the elite 4, who had another person at the end so it was the elite 5 but that wasnt a cool name so they called it the elite 4. then, everybody there(his mom, oak tree, brock, misty, all of the pokemon, the elite 5, and even team rocket) are cheering for him. pikachu runs up to hug ash, but before she gets the chance, she disappears into thin air. slowly at first, everyone and everything starts to disappear, but then it speeds up. ash ends up alone surrounded by white space. he starts to cry, then he hears voices.

   oak tree: i'm sorry mrs. ketchup, but we've been paying too much for life support for your son. 
    he's been in a coma for three years now and we're gonna have to pull the plug.
   Misty: i'm gonna miss him. he was the best lab partner i ever had.
   brock: he was a good friend *sniffle*
   gary: that poor kid. you shouldnt pull the plug yet. he might live.
   oak tree: there isnt any way. we have to-
   miss ketchup: *sniffle* i understand. (moans something including ash's name)
   oak tree: i know, ma'am but we cannot do anything else.

ash starts to open his eyes, when oak tree pulls the plug. his mom screams: ASH! but then his eyes close, and he dies. pokemon didnt exist. they were a figment of ash's unconscious imagination. ash dies. thats the story. its all true. you can see why they didnt air it in the usa. that's why they keep making more pokemon. its all a lie. end of story ^-^


Main article: Brock
Brock almost lost his virginity, but Ashhhh walked in. What a sad loser.

The asian negro. Another main character, Brock is the only seemingly straight actor on the show. He first made his debut on the show after getting his ash licked kicked by Ash and then begging him to let him tag along. Brock has proved to be an irreplaceable character over the years, due mostly to the fact 31 year olds find great amusement in his complete failure at life. He dreams of becoming the greatest Pokemon Rapist. The problem is that he's only "raped" himself in his life. Brock's parents are both absent during the show; his father having gotten to close to a plot element stone and evolving into a Christmas turkey, and his mother getting pwned by a mob of sex crazed robots. He's also a well-known supporter of the Bush Administration. He then leaves Pokemon to continue raping his new bitch, Terra, from the Teen Titans.


Main article: Misty
Misty watches while Ash and Pikachu make asses of themselves.

The most popular actress of the entire show, Misty is flat-chested and easy to anger. She is addicted to fog and bikes somehow. In fact, close to 85% of her annual salary is spent on bikes. People often hoped that she would hook up with Ass. At that time, Ash tray had yet to come out of the closet, though he did enjoy the company of a flat-chested masculine girl. Misty is also the leader of the Cerulean City Gym, though she can't even teach a mentally challenged duck how to swim.

She had wild hot footsex with Oak, Ash Ketchcum, and all their pokemon in a huge blood orgy. Though Brock was killed when his Onix went too far up Brock's ass and impaled his heart.

Known as the straight up virgin of the show, nerds all over the interwebs daydream as they lay stuck on stupid in their cubicles at work photoshopping picture after picture of this knuckle dragging ginger whore just so kiddies and /b/tards all over 4 chans hentai room fap to this nasty loli sheepfucking pencil.


Main article: Gary

Ass boy's one time sexual partner, and Professor Oak's grandson. Also a complete jerkoff, yet so so so hawt. He claims to have OVER 9000 Pokémon (and 1,000,000,000,000 terabytes of furry porn which showed him having sex with his magicarp which was the only reason why ther's so many magicarp in the first place.) , but they're all Magikarps. In spite of their rivalry, Ass fetish sometimes helps Gary out, like near the beginning of Season 6 when Gary was accused of being a communist. In Season 8, he was the lead singer for a disco band named Gary's Gang, which only had two hits: "Keep On Dancin'" & "Do It At The Disco". After the band broke up, he became an alcoholic and nearly got killed when he slugged a communist military officer. Upon being defeated by Ash tray, Gary disappeared, claiming to have gone off on some soul-searching. Ash later found Gary locking himself inside Proffessor Oak tree's house, where he had played Everquest the last 72 hours straight.


Main article: Pikachu
Pikachu taking it up the bum. Poor guy....

Just another banana flavored rat that controls everyone's electricity bill, Pikachu became an instant classic, and children world-wide imitate her, YES...HER. Pikachu usually just runs around until Ash orders it to fry something. Pikachu rarely fails to do this. Pikachu is usually being stolen by the Rocket clan. He always gets away, though. Usually because Team Rocket can't do anything right, but that's another story.

Sometime in 1997, however, Pikachu had his pants sued off because he had landed millions of children in the hospital for giving them seizures, although Pikachu blamed his good buddy Porgyon, who saved his the trio, and even Team Rocket's asses in that damn episode.

Recently, Pikachu was caught in a scandal. He was caught at a club with Misty. Since he was currently dating Ash (yes dumb ass, ash. didnt you notice that if 2 pokemon get hurt, he only helps Pikachu), this was all over the news in Japan...and wherever the crap Pokemon live. This was a real emotional blow to Ash, but Pikachu seemed indifferent to his lover's trauma. Their relationship was resolved, however, when Misty ran off with some other Japanese guy. Ash and Pikachu are currently dating, but this may be subject to change. Rumors have circulated that Pikachu is actually Chris Crocker and he is cheating on Ash with Bill Clinton. He previously dated Osama Bin Laden but separated because of the "long distance relationship".

In 2008 Pikachu was captured by Hezbollah. After Japan refused the ransom money, they killed him. A video was posted on YouTube but was withdrawn due to the possibilies of seizures.

Pikachu is a Steel/ToiletPaper Type combination. Traveling with Ash, its most prominent moves are: Mobile Missile Launcher (100 power 100 acc) Sexual Harrassment (lowers Defense of obvious reasons) Tactical Indirect Artillery Fire (150 power 70 acc) Dual Strategic H-Bomb Launcher (Obliterates target. Super Effective against Brittney Spears and Michael Jackson) Anti-Matter Bomb (No description nessassry) Its signiture move: ToiletPaper (instant KO)

May and Max[edit]

Main article: May (Pokemon)
Main article: Max (Pokemon)
Ash, May and Brock pose while Max holds these poor Pokemon at gunpoint. Nothing 4Kids and Photoshop can't fix, though.

May and Max are Misty's replacements. They toured for five seasons. Max was one of the most hated people of all time in the show, but May had a lot of fans following in the early years of her career, this was partly due to queer Emo Anime fan boys who like to wank over porn and thought that May was cute(Shes a cartoon you sick fucks). Family life was hard for them, growing up in a household full of fat ugly sloth Pokemon.

Max was a know-it-all He just waddled around bragging how smart he was while the action went on and even he make ash to try to kill himself. He was only on the show because May is related to him. He had a Ralts, but it ran away because it couldn't stand his tourettes any longer. Max has also been involved in several Pokeball "incidents" resulting of the death of several trainers. Max stands at two feet tall because his mother smoked in the womb, stunting poor Max's growth.

May is a big-boobed bitch who has big boobs. May's a fucking ten-year-old with C-cups that she uses to sleep with some random metrosexual kid with cool green hair, who is also ten and also has parts too big for his age. This is because Nintendo doesn't know how hormones work because they're Japanese. Her most used pokemon involve a Torchic that's been nominated twenty times for being the most annoying cartoon chicken in the history of the world. However, she's never won once due to being pwned by Duck from Treehouse's Little Bear series. As revenge, she threatened to end her life unless Duck dropped out of the competition; unfortunetly, she only gave her the middle finger. Torchic ended up killing herself anyways, and Bill Gates filled in for her in 2002.

Dawn's Dildo[edit]

This thing is used through most of the episodes. You just don't see it.

Ash in his her third sex change (Ash have in total throughout the series, three sex changes, which makes him a girl now. Evidence is: boy to girl, girl to boy, and boy to girl).


Now there's some defiance of the Laws of Physics, there.

Dawn is a bitch and is currently sleeping with all of the guys on the show except Ash, because he's gay/fucking Misty (both). She sucks at life and was only added as an attempt to get more girls to watch, but it didn't work because no one really likes the show except fanboys.

She is the first main character seen wearing a skirt(besides Ash). Her hobbies include processing her MS Paint skills in order to fake her ID to get into clubs, and hiding her secret affair with Piplup from the media. All her attempts had failed when she was arrested in 2005 for being a female pimp. However, in court, she managed to seduce the judge and was let off without any charges.

The Über Pokéemo Sociopath AKA Paul[edit]

The Über Pokéemo Sociopath just being himself.

The Über Pokéemo Sociopath is a weird random guy strait out of prison, tortures and rapes Pokemon for fun and Cream the Rabbit, he is dressed like an emo, but acts like a warhawk and acts like some perfectionist I can't remember his name right now, is by far the only really heterosexual (sometimes put in question, since he hasn't no interest in Dawn) and is the only person in the whole show who can beat Ash anytime, anywhere. He also has a habit of releasing the Pokemon he catches just because they're not sexy enough. He also likes to tell the truth about Ash's patheticness, just to hide the fact that he loves Ash. He can make The Flood cry. He can also melt something with one glance, turn it into vapor and make it disappear.

Professor Oak[edit]

Professor Oak. Yes, he is pretty.

Professor Oak is the leading researcher on Pokemon. Bottom line, he has no life. He is also unstable and senile. Ash's mom shows that she's losing her mind as well, because she's always with him. I think they're in love. He is the director of the show. He has few roles in the show. He's displayed behavior that indicates he is a pedophile, like stalking Blue and sending his evil bird Pokemons out to torture her, whilst wrapped in black bandages that are so scary, you'll wet yourself. Then he gives her a PokeDex to lure her into trusting him so she'll let him touch her. Oh, wait, that's just in the manga. This is the anime article. Darn.

Nurse Joy[edit]

Nurse Joy is a clone made for Oprah to heal her armies.

Officer Jenny[edit]

The police officers of the show, these are also failed clones on the Oprah line. Her blue hair is from the 80's when it was thought to be popular. Both her and the Joys want to kill Terra in order to make Brock their sex slave. (I know Brock wouldnt mind.)

Team Rocket[edit]

James Morgan and her purple hair.

Popular, but evil, an unfortunate group of a woman (JesseJames), woman (JamesJesse), and the brains of the bunch; a talking kitten with obsessive compulsive disorder (Meowth). James had a wealthy childhood, but left her family's marijuana plantation for bigger and better horizons. However, this isn't working out for her and she is frequently seen driving recklessly in the streets of Pallet Town around 3 AM. Jesse is a fake redhead that's had one too many trips to the local plastic surgeon. She is also possibly the former dictator of Kenya. Meowth found out he could talk like a human after the Italian mafia nailed a coin into his forehead. Every show, save the first, they have made an appearance. And every show, they fail miserably to tame a Pokemon, much less capture one, take Pikachu for example. They always claim to be bankrupt and yet come up with a new copyright infringed giant robot every time. Yet they rival Max for boasting and idiocy, in their inability to catch a little yellow rodent. They provide Comic Relief when Brock can't deliver. Team rocket has recently been discovered as a branch of PETA in which they choose to "save" from their abuse "slavers" and stop these poor poor forest animals from being abused. Jesse and James stand out for their controversial views on animal rights and same sex marriage. But have only recently been going though marriage troubles.

In shorter terms, Team Rocket sucks, they can never capture Pikachu ever, so they should just stop trying.

Okay, damnit. You fucking had enough?!

But, What Are the Seasons About?[edit]


I'm gonna fucking kill you!

SERIES 1[edit]

Uncyclopedia Puzzle Potato Notext.png
There is an alternate version of this article at Pokemon (Anime).

Season 1- The party has fun in Kanto. The theme song has messages from Osama bin Laden if played backwards. They also killed 300 Japanese when they killed a helpless antivirus. In the last episode, they meet Bush and bribe him to rape them. After that Ash abandons Caterpie but later sextes him.

The only video taken taken at the crime scene. It wiped out all of the FBI. QUICKLY! RAPE DAWN BEFORE THEY RECRUIT!!!

Season 2- The party goes to some islands, where nothing happens. Brock is replaced with some douche who likes sketching Ash's ass and poking a hole where his ass hole should be and sticking waving tongue in it. And also ash gets a laptop and looks at pictures of naked men on the internet. Brock finds out and says that he wants do that.

Season 3- The party wanders off into Johto, and walks around. The douche is replaced by Brock again, only this time he's smoking a crack pipe.

Season 4- The party somehow has 85 episodes in the Johto league championships (which was weird, considering only 64 people were in the championships and only 64 episodes were biographical)

Season 5- The party enters a Master Quest while Ash is still sexting with Caterpie. That flaming SOB!

SERIES 2[edit]

Season 6[edit]

The party is advanced. Seasons 6-9 are known as the Advanced Generation because Ash wears advanced clothes. This series made no sense, and was simply there because the story writers tried to introduce too many new concepts that might've sucked anyhow. May enters the series and the nude pictures of her start surfacing on the Net.

May, Max, Brock, Ash, and Pikachu in a Pokeorgy.

the uncensored Japanese version.

Season 7[edit]

The party has an advanced challenge.

Season 8[edit]

The party has an advanced battle. WTF? Isn't battle almost the same thing as challenge??

Season 9[edit]

The party enters the Battle Frontier while ash get replaced by some gay guy for the whole season. (Wait Ash isn't gay????)

SERIES 3[edit]

Season 10[edit]

The party is in the Diamond & Pearl League with Dawn, while the rest of us still are in awe that, despite numerous scandals, lay-offs, and court appearances, the show continues. This marks the debut of Captain Underpants.

Don't fucking believe me? Here: Let the so-called experts at Wikipedia convince you otherwise! [1]

Now leave me the fuck alone!

Season 11[edit]

Ash and Dawn were waiting for The Über Pokéemo Sociopath to come and settle a threesome for their Porn Tape. But then they were raped by the Failiens from Independence Day and were sent to another dimension. Brock lost his virginity with Michael Jackson, thus causing a Holocaust,so he was sent as well to undo the damage. But everyone died anyway cause Farore forgot your mom.

Season 12[edit]

" This show is still going on. Fuck, who cares anymore? God damn this dumb ass must be the worst trainer ever to fail 12 fucking times in a row!" The season has asploded before it began. Thus we have no information besides Chuck Norris lost his beard watching Pokemon. To add to this, PokeSpe pwned the anime to begin with. You know it's true.

The first Emo Pokémon, Staraptor

No! What about the movies?[edit]


Damn you!

Pokémon: The First Movie[edit]

Party fights Mewtwo, who wants to take over the world for some reason. He kicks their asses, then the party kicks his ass, then Mewtwo flies away. Mew is there looking all cute. OMG! SPOILERS! YOU DESTROY MY BRAINZ! Mewtwo almost conquers the world, but is stopped by Pikachu's Tactical Missile Launcher. Yep thats right, you DO NOT mess with missiles. Then Ash dies. And everyone bursts into tears of joy only to realize too late that they brought him back to life. Yes they revive him with there fucking tears. "And remember kids if your parents die just cry hard enough and they will come back to life, and if they didn't its because you didn't cry hard enough."

Pokémon: The Movie 2000[edit]

The BSOD just like the one in Windows Vista

Some unnamed guy with a posh British accent in a flying thing that is kept afloat by some crappy propellers, laughs for two and a half hours. He captures some Pokemon with some electric ring things because his mom bought him a Pokemon Card and lets Ash view them, who stupidly tackles it. Then, the world falls to shit. Meanwhile, an UDO (Unidentified Diving Object) appeared during the severe disaster because of Global Warming. Then, Ash's second girlfriend, Melody, plays a song and everything, for some odd reason, goes back to normal.

After that Ash's pokedex is replaced with a new one because Lugia broke it using Aeroblast. Twice. Then, there is an example of BSOD.

3 Years after the movie, Ash and Melody break up and the slut of a girl, Melody, gives Lugia a blowjob who cums all over Melody. She liked it.

Pokémon 3: The Movie[edit]

Some Unown drink Red Bull and fly around, and then the rest of the movie portrays landscapes similar to that you would see when you are in a euphoric state induced by alcohol and/or drugs containing pretty colors.

Entei pays Ash's mom to strip for it, the fucking whore.

Pokémon 4Ever[edit]

Celebi gets hit by a bug-type attack and dies because it sucks. Ash also gives into the temptation of crapping off an overpass. Suicune also shows up and runs around because it has nothing better to do. The running sequence takes about 5 hours to get through.

Pokémon Heroes[edit]

Both Latios and Latias are switching between Intel Centrino Duo and AMD Turion 64x2. They are currently using Microsoft Windows XP because their colour is EXACTLY THE SAME as the interface of Windows XP!!
This scene was cut from the US dub for fairly obvious reasons.

Documentary where Bill Gates spots a Latios and Latias flying around (Probably because they have got Intel® Centrino® Mobile Technology built in (See the logo)).

Recently, they are known as the best UMPC (Ultra Mobile Personal Computer) in the world! This is because they have got the fastest Wi-Fi in the world (so that they can do sight-sharing). Even Bill Gates wants to be them!!

Pokémon: Jirachi Wishmaker[edit]

A gay magician gives Max a mysterious egg. It hatches into Jirachi, the plot device wish granting Pokemon. The magician steals Jirachi and uses it to create a giant gay Groudon. However, he is shocked to discover that the Groudon Jirachi creates is actually straight! Fortunately, May uses her bad singing to defeat it before it can destroy the world.

Pokémon: Destiny Deoxys[edit]

Deoxys? What the fuck is that? Some kind of burrito? Anyway this alien Pokemon that looks like a cross between your mom's DNA and George Bush's sperm cells goes to a city looking for his gay friend which turns out to be the green nutsack that a boy named Tory keeps on staring at. Ash and his sex partners transform the green balls into the alien thingie I said earlier while Rayquaza the big green flying dick of a dragon tries to kill the other alien for no reason by shooting lots of hyper beam attacks out of it's penis. Near the end of the movie the dragon, aliens, and everyone got buried and fucked by billions of block robots. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that the alien thingie kept on making clones of it's parts to rape everyone out of the city but unfortunately they didn't get Ash and his fuckers. At the end you'll notice that there was no bad guy in this movie! Man this show's plot really sucks.

Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew[edit]

Ash solves a mystery with Mew to find Lucario! This ripped off Grue's Clues big time. Movie is Mew's attempt to remind everyone of the days when there was one secret legendary pokemon rather than 84. Easily the most furry Pokemon movie ever. After this movie the show is cancled for a month then the show is put back on tv. Then nobody ever watched pokemon because everyone thought it was fucking stupid.

The REAL Reason Why The 8th Movie Was The Most Furry One Evar!

Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea[edit]

An emotional film. May gets extremely overwhelmed with emotions for the millionth time in the series, and goes insane, a sign that she is about to have her first period (YESH!!!). It was considered one of the most emotional movies of the year, being jam-packed with so much heartwarming goodness. The directors executed the cuts and the music perfectly!!! Many people are known to cry thought the movie. Your mom happened to be one of them. It was just so emotional. Knowing this might be her last movie, May confessed in the deluxe DVD that she was sorry for all she'd done to hurt the crew. Indiana Jones and Shortround also makes an appearance, which makes this an emotional-action packed film. Then Manaphy gives birth to Melvin Sneedly and May mensurates all over Pikachu, and Ash licks it all off. And likes it.

The Rise of Darkrai (Japanese original name: Dialga VS Palkia VS Darkrai)[edit]

In fact, Dialga is currently using Windows Vista Ultimate and Palkia is using Mac OS X Leopard!!!
Also, Dialga is currently using Intel Core 2 ExtremeUltimate and Palkia is using AMD Athlon 64x2!!!

The gods of time and space battle for some unknown reason and everybody dies. Then some black dude with a giant white thing coming out of its head shows up, and drinks tea and fights for 3 hours. Then everybody comes back to life again because the guys who make the Pokéman movies are pussycats. Now with added Sarah Brightman in the plot!

Gigatitsna and the Gay Warrior[edit]

The Emperor makes his anime debut... ready to molest...

Yet another installment with Regigigas and how he raped poor Gaymin and got beat the crap out of by Gigatitsna because the BowedGay spirit says that everyone should be gay and he comes from a parallel universe, thus, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Thomas the Tank Engine, George Dubya Bush, Michael Vick, May, and Max (he turns into Boba Fett in this one.)Enter the scene to Beat some shit from Gigatitsna and the BowedGay Spirit. Oh wait! I almost forgot the Peekattcha short! General Grievous finally gets full custody of his hoe girlfriend Misty! But then again, it could've been your mom. Gigatitsna's just showed me big tits and gave me amnesia.

Pokemon: To Take Notice of Continuing Space-Time: Arceus[edit]

Arceus throws his fat ass it front of a meteor us save us all but of course, humans fuck things up again by stealing "the Jewel of Life" and really pissing Arceus off, which makes him fall asleep for some reason. A million years later, Pikachu puts his penis in Arceus's mouth which causes him to awaken. He then proceeds to blow everything up. Oh yeah and Palkia, Dialga and Giratina have a massive fight because despite being the creators of reality, they're actually stupid rednecks. Arceus most likely wins in the end


Pokemon vs. Super Sentai (Power Rangers in USA dork..)[edit]

It seems they retconned the last movie PKMN: WW. Well, the Japs confirmed that there will be a PKMN vs. SS, or in America, PRPKMN team up to fight against monsters, and possibly Team Rocket. The cast is: Ash(Red Ranger/CarRed), May(Pink Ranger/TimePink), Dawn(Yellow Ranger/DekaYellow), Max(Green Ranger/MagiGreen), Brock(Blue Ranger/AbaBlue), Gary(Quantum Ranger/TimeFire), Omega Ranger, Mack(Red Operation Overdrive Ranger), Kimberly(MMPR Pink Ranger), Chip(Yellow Mystic Ranger), Ethan(Blue Dino Ranger), Tommy (Green Ranger MMPR). It is anime/live-action, so expect the original people of PR to come. In theatres July 4. Irlee look like kevin garnett

Pokemon:Son of Pachirisu[edit]

It turns out that Pachirisu is a completely slutty whore. She has sex with pokemon, people, and occasionally rocks. About one year later, its stomach bulged out. Dawn noticed this and took a pregnancy test on it. It was positive. Everyone decided to find to find the father. They were interrogating Pachirisu while using the pokemone voice translator. She had the child two billion years later. It had Pikachu's ears, Ash's skin, Brock's hair, and Misty's eyes.

Pokemon: Zoroark: Master of Illusions[edit]

Some guy kidnaps Zorua and forces his mom, Zoroark to be a hooker. So, she transforms into 3 Pokemon to show off her skills. She ruins the city and everybody dies. The end.

Pokemon: White—Victini and Zekrom[edit]

Reshiram and Zekrom are being racist to one another and Victini wants to teach some lesson into them, put is PWNED by Zekrom's thunderclouds. Then some guy plans to use Reshiram to rape Victini and send his giant stone sword to another world, disrupting the evil purple energy. Victini saves the day and happily eats some shit macrons. He dies shortly after the movie.

Pokemon: Black—Victini and Reshiram[edit]

Same thing as before, flip Zekrom and Reshiram and mirror some scenes.

Pokemon VS Digimon[edit]

Coming soon!

Sing me the sucky theme song![edit]

Why won't you go to the hell?

I want to be the very worst, like everyone always was.
To kill them is my real test; to destroy them is my cause!!!!

I will set fire to the land, burning far and wide!
Each pokemon, to terminate, and blow up their insides!!!

Pokemon! (Gotta fuck them all!)

Its you vs. me!
I know it's my destiny


Gotta fuck them all, gotta fuck them aaaaaall! POKEMON!!!

Wow, that made me feel better! And now i feel $$$$$$$$$$HHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTYYYYYYYYYY!

This is COPYRIGHTED!SHUT UP!!! ILLEGAL! Copyright 1998B.C. 4Kids Entertainment, Inc. All Rights NOT RESERVED, YOU SUCKER!!! NOT 4KIDS AGAIN!

Tell me about the-[edit]

FUCK YOU, DIE!!!!! *bang* *bang* *bang*


4Kids Entertainment-[edit]

The current rulers of anime whose horribad Pokemon dubs are responsible for the destruction of Alliance Atlantis. Their company's headquarters was forged 2000 years ago from the tears of anime fans across America. A new Pokemon character is chosen by this evil organization every day to have their voices dubbed over to sound like a teletubby on crack, and then mass-distributed for lil American boogers to giggle at. The Emperor of Japan's heart exploded the day 4Kids started editing Naruto. ALL YOUR ANIME ARE BELONG TO THEM!
-Dickhead Alliance

God, I'm going to kill them.

ok alot of this was gay......